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Car seats that lie down flat like a cot

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shinyshilling Fri 07-Jul-06 10:54:23

We've been using the Jane Matrix which you can adapt so that it goes down flat in the car for babies to sleep on long journeys. It's been fantastic and we could not recommend it highly enough. We now need to buy the next seat up and wondered if anyone knew of a car seat which has the same or similar features as we do a lot of travelling and thankfully have a baby that will so far sleep anywhere.

NannyL Fri 07-Jul-06 11:04:04

be warey that car seat jane matrix did very badly in the which independant crash tests! (when lieing down, ok sitting)

the isofix ones do well as does the maxi cosi tobi... they are safe seats!

PrettyCandles Fri 07-Jul-06 11:06:51

Most of the next stage car seats have a recline feature, so the child can sit up slightly leaning backwards, or the whole seat slides (the base is fixed to the car) so that the seat is reclined while still in the sitting position. Our two slept veyr well comoftably cradled in this seat (we used the Britax Eclipse).

trinityrhino Fri 07-Jul-06 11:08:47

we have the britax eclipse and both dd's have slept well in it on on journeys

geekgrrl Fri 07-Jul-06 11:11:22

The Maxi Cosi Priori reclines very nicely, a lot more than the Britax renaissance for instance. But you can't get any that lie flat for this group.
The Priori certainly reclines well enough to stop any head-lolling though and my children always looked very comfy in it.

maisiemog Mon 06-Aug-07 23:05:24

We also used the matrix in lie-flat position, again not realising that it could be dangerous.
I contacted the main dealer for Jane: Johnston Prams to ask for their response and they complained the dummy was too heavy for the lie-flat position I think it was three kilograms too heavy or something. Anyway, the damage is done now, because I wouldn't use the matrix I have as a lie-flat again.
This looks rather expensive but fab if it works
aprica euroturn.
Like you I loved the lie-flat seat for a little baby, being able to let them sleep comfortably without disturbing them when you arrive and move the carry cot is invaluable.
There is a new Jane Matrix now called a Jane Cup matrix or something like that, so I will be watching with interest to see if Which tests it soon.
I was looking for information on here when I found this thread, but would be interested to hear any feedback on the new Jane seat?

babyboo1and2 Mon 06-Aug-07 23:12:17

i also used the jane matrix (not knowing about the which report) and felt my baby was comfy

i now have the maxi priori xp and find it reclines really well and easily

i havent heard of amy other lie flat seats but i would say that as my dd got older she really resisted lying flat, i think she prefered the semi reclined position of a more upright seat and i think she also wanted to see me from where she was in the car

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