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Blackout blinds - Do they *really* work ?

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hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 20:51:07

ie. 4 / 5 / 6 AM waking baby suddenly started waking up later (6 or 7 would be nice LOL) after you installed them; or alternatively a 6 / 7 AM waking baby suddenly started waking up horribly early when you took them away...


This week is 'hub sorts out the sun' week, LOL.

SoupDragon Tue 04-Jul-06 20:55:19

Um... BabyDragon slept better when I put thicker curtains over the nice cream ones inour bedroom. Does that count?

DarrellRivers Tue 04-Jul-06 20:55:32

Blackout material taped to both children's windows worked a treat during summer months for us and stopped the 6am wakeups.
DD is now 2.5 and doesn't seem to need them, but Ds is just 1 and still benefits.

I love blackout blinds

Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 20:56:18

hub, I think you need an eclipse.

yomellamoHelly Tue 04-Jul-06 20:57:50

Found the blinds leaked light all round the edges. Bought blackout lining for the curtains to boost it but the room still wasn't pitch dark.

Found consistency in dull-mummy attitude paid off though. He just gets returned to bed until it's wake-up time (ignored if only 10-15 minutes to go). When he was in his cot he just got ignored. (I can be a horribe mummy at times though)

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 20:59:30

pmsl @ eclipse. Too right !

We've got lovely wooden slat blinds, but the light leakage at the signs / through the wood slats etc. is too great at the mo, and I reckon this is why dd is getting up earlier and earlier. At a hotel last week (thick curtains) she slept much later, but we were dining later so she was more tired and you know I do like to isolate the variables in my scientific world...

Might go with this or else knock something aesthetically shocking but very effective up.

poppy101 Tue 04-Jul-06 21:00:52

We had blackout blind, didn't work, tried a pelmet didn't work, tried blackout curtains didn't work really.

Best thing was get some blackout lining material can get off ebay. Get some decent velcro stick on hoop and loop (buy proper make) and stick this around the frame of window. Best thing. You can take the lining on and off when you want and works well. We have this on and now use blackout curtains as a lining to baby curtains.

Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 21:08:04

You could always paint the windows like they did in WWII

Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 21:08:22

For the air-raids

Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 21:09:00

I bought blackout linings from Dunelm.
Still get lighty-leaky at edges.

Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 21:10:06

Have you thought about a dram of whisky in Camille's last bottle of the evening? No need for blackouts then [evil grin]

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 21:10:11

Weak pelmet floor ?

KristinaM Tue 04-Jul-06 21:10:30

We have full length curtains with blackout lining AND blackout blinds. Blinds do make a difference. V cheap from Ikea - cut to fit

BettySpaghetti Tue 04-Jul-06 21:19:52

We've got Argos blackout blinds in the kids rooms. They were cheap, you cut them to size -OK, they let a little light in around the sides but TBH they are a damn sight better than just the curtains. Our two sleep til 7am (or later if we're lucky!).

Got to be worth a try -£20 is a small price to pay for a few hours extra sleep!

NotQuiteCockney Tue 04-Jul-06 21:29:56

Hmm, I'm sympathetic to your scientific approach, but certain that the scientific explanation for nearly any baby behaviour is: they're contrary little buggers.

More usefully, I do find blackout makes a difference, particularly here where the sun comes up stupidly early in the morning. We have blackout, both kids sleep pretty late. When we're away, we tend to take sheets of blackout to put up, which help a bit. (We also go away further south, where the sun behaves more responsibly.)

It's possible your DD is waking because of a) hunger, b) outside noises (white noise machine helps loads, particularly good for travel, too), c) general schedule weirdness (does she nap early?) d) because she's a contrary little bugger, like the rest of them.

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 21:39:25

you missed out e) teething f) heat g) daddy's farts.

I think I go with the contrary little buggers theory though.

poisson Tue 04-Jul-06 21:44:09

thats jus babies h2d

NotQuiteCockney Tue 04-Jul-06 21:54:10

You're right.

I also missed out:

h) angst i) weltschmertz j) l'esprit de l'escalier k) colic l) gas

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 22:00:47

LOL, I had to google your 'esprit' phrase, and you will be deeply pleasured () to read the last post here

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 22:02:31

None of you have experienced the potency of (g) though. Can wake the dead.

m) She is such a genius that she senses it is her first birthday in two days time and is so excited about her pressies she can't sleep


NotQuiteCockney Tue 04-Jul-06 22:03:06

Oh, no "l'esprit de l'escalier" is an English expression, not a French one. Never seen it in French, only in English.

hub2dee Tue 04-Jul-06 22:05:44

even worse.


Gingerbear Tue 04-Jul-06 22:06:28

l'esprit de l'escalier - a new fragrance from Calvin Klein.

hub2dee Wed 05-Jul-06 07:36:47

3 AM this morning for a nice drink of cool milk... then slept till 7.


NotQuiteCockney Wed 05-Jul-06 07:39:48

More evidence for d)!

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