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Fighting Fantasy books ... anyone got an older ds who can offer tips?

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roisin Fri 20-Feb-04 19:20:11

DS1 (6.5) has been playing with one of these books all holiday, and having great fun. He's doing very well, as it is quite complicated. However, he keeps asking me for help He has actually completed the book tonight (thank goodness!) and we didn't cheat too much But there was a lot of luck involved, as he got hopelessly lost in the maze, and found it very tricky to draw a map of these bits ... and when I tried to help, I couldn't either.

Any hints or tips from experts? (or websites?) Particularly on map-drawing, and what to draw when you suddenly fall unconscious and wake up somewhere entirely different.

SoupDragon Fri 20-Feb-04 20:28:35

I remember doing these when they first came out!!

The falling-unconcious scenario, I used to deal with by starting a new map. You might come across somewhere you recongnise later and be able to link it up.

GeorginaA Fri 20-Feb-04 20:30:45

I just used to cheat horribly :D

In computer game RPGs I usually stick to the left hand wall hug rule... unless it's a really mean maze with a central unconnected portion (which would be cruel in a book aimed at children), you usually get where you need to be going eventually!

tigermoth Sat 21-Feb-04 10:39:44

roisin, it sounds fun - wish I could help you, but we haven't had these books yet.

roisin Sun 22-Feb-04 11:22:34

Tigermoth - if you (or anyone else) want to try your ds with them, The Book People have a fantastic offer at the moment ten books for £9.99 usually £4.99 each.

There's quite a lot of reading involved - but it's split up into short numbered paragraphs, and you control your own destiny. It's a game at the same time, and you need to keep rolling dice, and draw a map (or try to ) as you go along. It might well appeal to your ds1.

tigermoth Mon 23-Feb-04 07:53:15

thanks roisin. It's his birthday soon so I will check this out. You're right, I think it would appeal to DS1 very much. He's heavily into yog-hio games and other fantasy type games.

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