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Where can I buy Tweenies pants?

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Snowbell Wed 18-Feb-04 14:08:38

I am probably going to start toilet training my DD soon and as she is obsessed by the Tweenies I thought she would love to wear Tweenies pants. Does anyone know where I could buy some?

suzywong Wed 18-Feb-04 14:11:59

Don't know
But you could buy pants the same colour as the tweenies and say 'these are your milo pants', IYSWIM
I have just cracked it (that'll probably jinx it) with my boy and we make a big thing about wearing 'big boy's pants' which are an assortment of any old colour, but the important thing is they are different from nappies and special and just for him.
We got loads of different colours from Asda - and go a couple of sizes up because they find the snug ones hard to pull up and down by themselves.

FairyMum Wed 18-Feb-04 14:13:11

You could try ASDA. I think they have got some tweenies-stuff. I bought Tweenies pyjamas from them. Be careful though. My DS doesn't want to take his Tweenies pj's off. He is always wearing them now.....

niknik Wed 18-Feb-04 14:16:33

I bought my niece some for Christmas from Matalan

LadyCodworth Wed 18-Feb-04 14:21:50


fairydust Wed 18-Feb-04 15:05:57

next do a pack of 7 i think

nutcracker Wed 18-Feb-04 16:05:34

BHS do Tweenies underwear

luchar Wed 18-Feb-04 16:12:48

Mothercare used to do them - might be worth a try? Good luck!

Snowbell Wed 18-Feb-04 22:01:54

thanks for your suggestions everyone. Fairymum, you have a point there - I may just be making trouble for myself! I have bought some plain pants already so maybe I should start with those and take her shopping for some tweenies pants as a reward for doing well. I may well be posting on the behaviour/development board later.

BUSTERTHEDOG Wed 18-Feb-04 22:09:27

Next definitely do them, they come up small though

Lesley76 Thu 19-Feb-04 10:19:36

BHS definitely do them in packs of 3. Aged 18-24 months is for child 92 cm tall.They wash up well.

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