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BUSTERTHEDOG Wed 18-Feb-04 09:43:07


My son is 2.5 years old and I want a suitable buggy for walking the dog etc, that will last til he's about 5 if poss.

Which is lightest / best out of these - has anyone pushed them all?

Gooby Wed 18-Feb-04 21:09:55

Fraid I haven't pushed any of them, but I have a friend with a Mountain Buggy that she's been using for just over two years, and she swears by it. It was bought for her by her step dad who is one of those people who research everything before they buy, so I know he will have gone for the best one. Hope that helps.

squirmyworm Wed 18-Feb-04 21:29:24

I have a mountain buggy - love it (and it's the old variety too so they're prob even more yummy now). I think with the new ones you can have either hard tyres or air tyres too, depending on your local 'terrain'! It's sturdy, easy to put up and down and turns on a sixpence. Only downside is that it is quite heavy. Haven't tried the others I'm afraid

Jzee Wed 18-Feb-04 21:35:30

Sounds good. How much are they?

BUSTERTHEDOG Wed 18-Feb-04 21:44:19

Thanks you lot! How heavy is the MB then?

Gooby Wed 18-Feb-04 21:57:09

Think it's 8kg. I've got a 'Boogie II' which is 8.9kg. I don't think those weights are heavy for an all terrain (they're actually quite light). They're just heavy compared to the other types of pushchair.

Try here for a comparison of all terrain pushchair specs...

Gooby Wed 18-Feb-04 21:58:08

oh dear that link didn't come out as a link you can click on and visit. sorry, fraid i don't understand how to do those (followed the instructions but it obviously didn't work)

BUSTERTHEDOG Wed 18-Feb-04 22:12:28

thanks gooby, got the link ok, am printing it all off now!

Bradsmum Thu 19-Feb-04 13:28:06

I have a Mountain Buggy Urban which is absolutely brilliant - has a swivel wheel, turns on a sixpence, very robust and snug. Did loads of research before I bought it. Also got it shipped from NZ which saved quite a bit of dosh even with paying shipping and customs.

BUSTERTHEDOG Fri 20-Feb-04 12:04:29

can you tell me where you got it from in NZ? How long did it take to get to you? Any problems? Thanks!

Bradsmum Mon 01-Mar-04 21:16:52

Busterthedog - hi - sorry have been offline for ages. Got my buggy from Winkalotts website. Rang the guy who was very helpful. No problems whatsoever other than when I ordered I hadn't planned on paying customs which was a surprise (my ignorance) but even then it was still much cheaper than UK> Bought loads of stuff - carrycot, car seat connector, various covers, etc, etc. Wonderful!!

BUSTERTHEDOG Mon 01-Mar-04 23:10:51

thank you!

udar Tue 02-Mar-04 11:52:03

Just remember that the exchange rate isn't great at the moment, you don't get nearly as many NZ$ as you used to for the £, and when you add shipping and customs - might be worth double checking how much you'll actually save.

loopence Sun 07-Nov-04 13:04:11

Hi i have an easylife sport for sale
Bought new in 2000 has only been used for one child, includes cosytoes, rucksack, sun screen new cost was £400 for sale for £85

jennifersofia Mon 08-Nov-04 09:25:15

I know loads of people who swear by the MB, but if you think you might have more than one child and would have a close gap, would def. be worth considering the E3 - might save you having to get a double later on.

throckenholt Mon 08-Nov-04 09:33:43

no idea about the other two - but we have a mountain buggy - double one - very sturdy, easy to push, good off road etc, bit heavy if you are lugging it in and out of cars, and a bot prone to thorns in the tires - but I guess they all are.

enid Mon 08-Nov-04 09:49:40

I have had a boogie for 5 years now, we use it every day across fields, rough country lanes and it is still going strong - highly recommended. I was thinking how great it was this morning as I lugged it through gaps in the hedge and bashed it down some steps.

Personally I think its worth getting a heavier one as they are tougher.

throckenholt Dh put something called 'SLIME' in all the tyres - its a kind of impermeable lining that stops thorns reaching the inner tube - absolutely bloody brilliant, you can buy it from Halfords/bike shops.

loua Thu 11-Nov-04 18:25:56

Hi I have had a MTB for my son then found I was pregs with No2 bought a E3 didn't like the E3 from day 1 put up with it for a year, got a very sore back every time I walked up & down hills pushing the kids now have gone back to the MTB with a Kiddieboard. awesome very light easy to push even with the kiddieboard. I give Mountain Buggy 10/10

piximon Sat 13-Nov-04 09:33:57

I have the E3 and it's the lightest and easiest buggy I have ever pushed. Even with two kids in it beats my 4 wheel single buggies hands down.
I've actually started walking more since I got it as I find it's so light going up hills.
Oh and I find it a doddle to get on and off public transport.

hub2dee Wed 30-Mar-05 21:46:06

OK, folks. There are new 2005 model Mountain Buggies !

We now have padded seats, adjustable handle height, and different fabrics.

People are still contemplating Urban vs. Terrain, and MB vs. A N Other brand, so this thread is being resurrected for MB discussions.

There's been a whole lot of friendly chit chat about bugaboo vs MB, and quite a lot of detailed info on MBs exchanged on this thread here but we are trying to behave and now focus MB discussions here where they belong.

So..... post away

charleypops Wed 30-Mar-05 22:27:54

Good idea h2d on this resurrection! I found the Winkalotts info on this thread the other day and emailed them, but haven't heard back. Maybe because it says on all the MB details on their website that the MBs are are only available to residents of NZ and Aus I thought I'd ask anyway....

I'd like to know what people think of their MB Terrains - the fixed wheel ones. Are they impossible if in town shopping? Is it difficult to manoeuver through busy streets? If you have big a toddler in one, does the constant lifting of the front wheel bother you or hurt your arms or back?

florenceuk Thu 31-Mar-05 09:16:42

Well, I have the new MB Urban - bought on trip back to NZ for less than £200. DH reasoned that the improvements were worth it and we would be able to sell our old one on Ebay - which he has! The quick release wheels are fantastic - click off and slide back on; the new basket is huge and extremely practical; and the adjustable handle is a bit of a pain as it makes the whole thing a bit longer and consequently harder to get in the boot - mind you I am only 5ft2 and so the old height was not an issue. My sister thought it easier to push than her explorer (which is actually more expensive in NZ). Re off-roading, we find it fine for what we do - beaches, gentle country paths and bridleways - anything rougher we tend to use a backpack.

hub2dee Thu 31-Mar-05 09:25:13

Bliss ! Words of wisdom !

Someone who's actually touched one, charleypops !

Thanks, florenceUK.

IYO, would the Urban behave OK in locked mode through leafy forests (not stump / rock climbing, just gentle walking), and across wet, slightly muddy grass ?

I think charleypops and I are trying to figure out if it takes this stuff in its stride or if it erm... doesn't.

Of course the Terrain alternative with its fixed wheel probably does the hard stuff no prob, but we were trying to figure out if it would be a mare in shops...

Any comments gratefully received.

hoxtonchick Thu 31-Mar-05 09:58:46

i'm thinking about a mountain buggy breeze. anyone know anything about them? waiting for a shop in crouch end to ring me when they have some in stock so i can actually see one....

hub2dee Thu 31-Mar-05 10:16:28

Hoxton, could you post when they have them in stock ? We're not far. Thanks.

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