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Does anyone hire their Washing Machine ???

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nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 12:56:50

My washing machine is making a very funny noise and generally sounds unwell. I have already had it fixed once, and can't really afford a new one.
My friend suggested that i hire one instead of buying one. Then if it breaks, it gets repaired or i get a new one at no extra cost.
What do you think ???

nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 13:12:39

O.k, no one then

zebra Mon 16-Feb-04 13:13:29

Could you afford to buy a new one?
WE were looking at options, recently, and found a good Which survey of thousands of their members -- it found that very few machines broke down in the first 4 years, anyway. One reason they cited for not bothering with extended warranties. It made us think that we were better off buying a brand new one than buying 2nd hand, which was likely to be 3-5 years old already, and getting ready to break down. But! we have money to pay for new. So if it's a burden to you to buy new, and you think the hire company is reliable, I think hiring doesn't sound a bad option, if you think yours is on its last legs. What's wrong with it, anyway? HTH.

zebra Mon 16-Feb-04 13:14:09

Oops, just realised -- is it only sounding funny? But still getting clothes clean without causing a flood? I'd wait until it died properly, myself!

nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 13:20:10

Not really sure whats wrong. It sounds like it's trying to mangle metal when changing programmes. It is second hand and already crap as we can't use the short cycle as it stops halfway through.
I know washing machines are pretty cheap nowadays but i just hate having to buy one.

misdee Mon 16-Feb-04 13:30:10

what i do, is get my machines on a 9month interest free option(weel my dad does it for me!), and at the end of the 9months have put enough away tp pay for the machine so no interest. just make sure u put the right amount away in a savings account and dont touch it.

misdee Mon 16-Feb-04 13:34:26

i got a form thro today asking me to take out extra warrenty on my macdhine, 3years at 95quid. i only paqid £200 for the machine and havent had any problems with it so far.

nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 13:40:21

Not sure if i could do that Misdee, as i have trouble getting credit

DSW Mon 16-Feb-04 13:44:53

Nut cracker - where do you live? I used to work for a company that sold "graded machines" basically they bought all the damaged stock from the manufacturers and sold it on at a cheap price - they are still around but not nationwide. The appliances are not 2nd hand - but will have a dent or scratch on them somewhere.

You could end up paying out more if you hire one rather than but it - I know if it breal=ksdown you will have to pay but all machines come with a 12mth guarantee. HTH

nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 13:49:14

DSW - I live in Birmingham

DSW Mon 16-Feb-04 13:51:55

There is a place in Leicester and a place in Redditch it's called "Swift Appliance Services" / "Discount Kitchen Appliances" - will see if I can get you a number and will email it - I don't think I will be allowed to post it on here.

DSW Mon 16-Feb-04 14:08:07

Nutcracker - I have emailed you the number of the branch in Redditch - they do deliver but will charge. (I think) Haven't worked there for over a year noe

Linnet Mon 16-Feb-04 22:42:12

We used to rent our washing machine from Radio Rentals, I think they changed their name to Boxclever. We paid just under £18 a month.

nutcracker Mon 16-Feb-04 22:52:57

Thanx Linnet, i thought you could rent them from there. DSW has sent me the phone number for a place that does cheap machines, so if my dad can't fix it i will see how much they are there and if i can't afford one from there, renting it will be.

Paula71 Mon 16-Feb-04 23:21:22

Well we hired our washing machine three years ago from what became Boxclever. This is our second machine as I wanted to update to a washer/dryer we pay about £21 a month and that includes insurance incase anything goes wrong etc.

I have thought about buying as it would probably work out cheaper but this way I get a new machine when I want one and can change as often as I like!

And as for credit scores, we have both been blacklisted for no apparent reason (we have never missed a payment on anything but I believe companies blacklist you so they can charge more for the same product! I have proof.)

lydialemon Mon 16-Feb-04 23:22:52

Nutty, we rent our washing machine and tumble drier, and I'm pleased with it. We tend to knacker machines really quickly, and like to just be able to upgrade to a new machine every couple of years.

31aug Thu 12-Oct-17 21:24:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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