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XT for newborn? still mourning Bugaboo

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EllaRees Sat 14-Sep-13 20:20:50

We had a bugaboo bee plus for DS1 which I loved. It was stolen last year (by which time he was 2) and we got a Maclaren XT instead. It's been great for him and I know you can use it from birth but I'm having doubts now. Baby no.2 will be born in November (whereas first was July) and I'm not sure it will be warm enough. I can't tell whether there is a cocoon/carrycot to add to the XT and the harness looks too big too. Having had DS1 parent-facing for the first year I'm not happy about the new baby facing away either. We haven't got much to spend though I can sell all the accessories from the bugaboo to put a bit towards something else. Can anyone share their experience please?

IdreamofFairies Sat 14-Sep-13 23:43:56

as far as i know you cant get a carry cot for the xt.
what about looking for a second had bugaboo the first gens are going very cheap these days

try e bay or there are loads of bugaboo face book sites. at least you can still use all the bits you have.

older M&P buggies are also going for pennies almost these days. well worth checking out the second hand market.

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