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hooded beach towels for 6 year old boys. Where from?

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pepsi Wed 21-Jun-06 12:00:21

Boden do lovely hooded beach towels for little girls but would like an equally funky one for my ds6. Had one from Great Little Trading previously, burgandy with a white fish on the front but the towelling was so shoody. Want a nice soft, thick one this time round. Equivalent to the Boden ones. Any ideas?

FairyMum Wed 21-Jun-06 12:00:50

I think Next do them, but don't have the catalogue at hand.

faeriemum Wed 21-Jun-06 13:11:31

Q&D do hooded beach ponchos for a fiver

Beauregard Wed 21-Jun-06 13:13:20

I think Jojo maman bebe do them!

pepsi Wed 21-Jun-06 13:43:17

Cant see them on Next website and JoJo do do boys ones but for age 4-5. My ds will be 61/2 in summer. Is it generally felt that boys are too old for such pampering on the beach. We find them so handy. Shall keep searching but if anyone knows of any larger ones please do post.

beatie Wed 21-Jun-06 13:43:37

Mothercare had some that were more like a cape with a hood. I think they were for boys and girls. They looked to be good quality. Nice soft velour towelling.

norah Wed 21-Jun-06 13:44:11

Try ebay !

Cod Wed 21-Jun-06 13:44:36

Message withdrawn

norah Wed 21-Jun-06 13:46:01

no hoods on towchos though !

foxinsocks Wed 21-Jun-06 13:49:01

I looked for some recently.

GLTC only goes up to 5-6 in those hooded towels anyway.

M&S have some gorgeous dressing gowns in towelling (lovely and soft) but I didn't want a gown (otherwise I would certainly have got it).

Mothercare didn't have any when I went in (but maybe they do in bigger stores?)

norah Wed 21-Jun-06 13:51:30

I just checked on ebay and there are quite a few ! Cowboys, spacemen, England flags, lots - Also a NEXT frog and monkey one - brand new if you wanted NEXt ones.

I just put poncho towels in as a search !

Aero Wed 21-Jun-06 13:52:14

Ours came from 'Choice', which is Next stuff in an outlet centre. Cost £8 and we got the kids one each for age 8, 5 and 2.

cupcakes Wed 21-Jun-06 13:56:14

pepsi - I bought one of those Boden dresses for dd and bought one of their hooded towelling tops for ds. It's not as useful as he has to keep his swimshorts on or change into pants but it still keeps him snug.

foxinsocks Wed 21-Jun-06 14:04:08

there's some here under long hooded top but they are expensive!

alison222 Wed 21-Jun-06 14:20:16

The white company have them in their catalogue but they are expensive.

faeriemum Wed 21-Jun-06 16:48:25

oh dear what do these kids look like!?!?!

peachyClair Wed 21-Jun-06 17:10:35

There's a place nearby doingbthem for £3. They look fine- the same as the ones we used in tha past that were OK. CAT me if you want and I will see if I can get one posted over to you.

peachyClair Wed 21-Jun-06 17:11:10

(The same range as the Mermaid one BTW)

peachyClair Wed 21-Jun-06 17:11:31

But boys, obv.

Whizzz Wed 21-Jun-06 17:24:42

Blooming Marvellous go up to age 5 not very funky

norah Wed 21-Jun-06 18:18:25

Oyy faeriemum - My dd has exactly that one and looks adorable in it !

faeriemum Wed 21-Jun-06 19:56:49 sure it looks great in RL...

Californifrau Wed 21-Jun-06 19:59:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Californifrau Wed 21-Jun-06 20:01:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pepsi Wed 21-Jun-06 20:08:16

There are a lot of ebay so I know I can get one there, but will continue my search for a non-character nice boys one that isnt too babyish. Thanks all.

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