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Looking for special soft teething ring

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melsy Sat 14-Feb-04 13:54:11

Quite diificult to explain. It is small ice cube bag like shapes joined together really soft, with cartoons on & liquid inside?? I have looked everywere. Also tryed google. Anyone got one??

GenT Sat 14-Feb-04 14:05:07

the one we found at babys'r'us is like a ring and then it has 3 circular sections attached with various bumps and ridges on the entire thing. There is like a fluid in the circular sections. Is that what you are talking about?

Davros Sat 14-Feb-04 16:17:10

I think I know the one, its a circle with no handle? I've seen it at Safeway.

jessi Sat 14-Feb-04 18:38:19

I had the exact one, I got it from Superdrug. Decided to steam sterlise it and it exploded!

Blackduck Sat 14-Feb-04 19:00:00

Boots also had them....don't steam! Has to be cold water steralised....

popsycal Sat 14-Feb-04 19:00:44

it isn't like the one you describe, but MAWS do a nice soft one...

ames Sat 14-Feb-04 19:29:49

i've got a cicle one with no handle, very soft wih liquid inside from mothercare

GenT Sat 14-Feb-04 19:36:00

ours is made by MAM

fee77 Wed 18-Feb-04 09:42:07

PHP have some really cool teethers - i got DD teething beads and a squishy thing with shapes in that you put in the fridge, both have been really useful.
I'll try to link, but i'm not very good!
here goes!

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