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Cot bumpers

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101twinkles Sat 31-Aug-13 08:31:23

Hi. We are due in Jan and was given a beautiful cot blanket and bumper set for the LO. However, someone has told me that cot bumpers are no longer recommended and can be dangerous! Can anyone help a confused first time mum please?

MarianneEnjolras Sat 31-Aug-13 08:39:00

I used an Airwrap cot bumper, no ties and baby can breathe through it (I even tried it myself and it works brilliantly.

The sets ate pretty but I wouldn't use them. Ds is 3 and we are only just starting to use the duvet thing that came in the set we were given. The bumper never got used either.

101twinkles Fri 06-Sep-13 18:54:17

Thanks for reply!! . The sets are lovely. This one does tie. Is it wrong to use? What about them bumping their heads tho? Still so unsure!!

stargirl1701 Fri 06-Sep-13 18:55:58

They are a suffocation hazard. They are not recommended.

MyNameIsSuz Fri 06-Sep-13 18:57:10

I use the airwraps too, they're great! We had a more standard bumper when he was tiny, but took it off when he was big enough to roll around and get his face up against them.

CoolaSchmoola Fri 06-Sep-13 19:05:36

Cot bumpers aren't recommended for a couple of reasons:

One, there is some research into them blocking air flow through the cot and trapping carbon dioxide in it which has been suggested to raise SIDS risk.

Two, babies have become entangled/trapped in the ties,which can be very dangerous.

Three: there have been numerous incidents of older babies using bumpers to stand on and either climbing or falling out of the cot.

Plus if you use the recommended Safe Sleep feet to foot position traditional bumpers serve no purpose in preventing bumps as baby is nowhere near them.

Air wraps are a safe, non climbable, breathable alternative for preventing bumps and they run the full length of the cot.

Personally I think traditional bumpers are an accident waiting to happen and should be banned.

101twinkles Sat 07-Sep-13 22:20:55

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the advice. Will look n to the airflow for sure. Xx

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