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Please tell me about snooker tables - for 8yo boy's birthday

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fossil971 Sun 25-Aug-13 00:15:22

DH has the idea to get a snooker table for DS2. He'd love it but I'm unsure about (1) the practicalities - what size/height, where to store and (2) will he just get bored of it and it will yet another dust-gatherer like the various car race track sets. He is very into his ball sports and spent 1.5 hrs this afternoon playing pool at an activity centre. I like the idea he could play it alone or with DS1 (9) or friends.

Anyway - we don't have a room to have it permanently up (does anyone?) so it would either be in his bedroom (living under bed) or got out on the kitchen table. Do they have folding legs or just sit on a table? Do we need room around it?

What is a sensible size? We have left it too late so may have to try and get a last-minute ebay one or trust Amazon/Argos to get it here by Thursday.

readyforthehills Sun 25-Aug-13 08:43:37

Gotta say NO here. As you say you can't keep it permanently up Don't do it! Anyone can waste an hour an a half on a pool/snooker table.

fossil971 Sun 25-Aug-13 13:35:21

Ready for the hills, are you speaking from experience? What was the problem? Just having the huge thing cluttering up the house?

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