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Chess for Beginners

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mummysurfer Tue 10-Feb-04 14:09:45

I've seen a chess set in a mail order catalogue for beginners. On one side of the board is the normal game, on the other side is a n easier version for starting out.
It's b/day time soon, and I can't find it any where.
Can anyone help me please? Have you seen it?

miggy Tue 10-Feb-04 14:12:33

sorry, cant help with this but could I just recommend a computer game-Fritz and Chesster-learn to play chess. Really good. Ds2 likes chess and plays in club but also still finds this good. Teaches from no knowledge to scholars mate/castling etc.Sorry if off topic!

mummysurfer Tue 10-Feb-04 14:14:41

Where can you get that from Miggy? How much?
Would it release us from hours of chess playing.

roisin Tue 10-Feb-04 14:49:47

Mummysurfer - Lego Chess CDRom is fantastic. Not available now, but sometimes you can pick them up on Ebay.

Not sure what 'easy chess' might be. When we were teaching the boys we started out playing games with just pawns and king. Then you can gradually introduce the other pieces, one (pair) at a time. So you play a game with just pawns, (King obviously), and bishops. Then just pawns and knights. etc.

Well, it worked for us anyway ... well for the boys anyway. I never particularly enjoyed chess, personally. (i.e. I'm useless )

roisin Tue 10-Feb-04 14:52:34

If you're buying a chess set, it's worth buying a proper one 'tournament staunton' pieces, and an appropriate board ... or at least so dh advised me! They don't have to be expensive, but they 'feel right' in your hand.

A chess timer can help a lot too once they get the hang of the game.

Have fun!

MeanBean Tue 10-Feb-04 15:25:48

Can anyone tell me at what age you can start teaching children chess? My ex claims he learnt at about 4 and a half (before he went to school), but I don't think my son has that much concentration (and neither have I!) Someone else said you should start off with draughts - does anyone have any advice?

miggy Tue 10-Feb-04 15:27:02

I got mine from john lewis but also in Bright minds catalogue/website. Probably could also get from Amazon. Has training section with games and then can choose from 3 levels of opponents.
Yes-release from hours and hours of chess playing! well worth the money.

miggy Tue 10-Feb-04 15:29:35

meanbean- depends if they are interested really. Ds2 learnt at that age because he wanted to play his brother so his brother taught him. ds1 (the brother!) didnt learn till about 6. DD now 4.5 and shows no inclination to want to play so no one has taught her.

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