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Bugaboo Bee plus

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bellerous Mon 22-Jul-13 12:54:44

I am thinking of getting the bugaboo bee plus for my first baby due in December. I'd really like some feed back on how people have found it before I make a decision. Has anyone had any problems with it?

AndHarry Mon 22-Jul-13 20:17:31

I've had two. The first one I had was stolen and I had a gap of 3 months where I was just using a baby carrier before the second one arrived. That was a couple of weeks ago and it is already getting on my nerves. I loved it when she was a tiny baby as she was very comfortable in the cocoon and it's a dream to push but now she's 8mo the niggles are becoming more of an issue.

- lovely snug cocoon for a newborn;
- easy to push;
- fairly alright basket underneath;
- good buggy board design for my 3yo;
- hood gives good coverage for protection from the sun;
- folds in one piece front and parent-facing.

- you need to spend an awful lot on accessories to make it work properly e.g. can't be used without the cocoon for a newborn, isn't padded enough for an older baby without the seat liner or footmuff. That's £200+ before you've even begun;
- the crotch strap really isn't long enough (too short to do up DD's harness and she's 8mo) and this is a known fault;
- the chassis scratches really easily and the foam on the handle separates;
- in parent-facing mode it's a bit of a pig to unfold as my foot keeps catching the seat;
- you need both hands to fold and unfold it;
- it takes up most of my boot and I don't have a small car.

I was umming and ahhing about replacing the first one but decided to go for it and wish I hadn't. If I could do it over again I'd use my Caboo and Ergo carriers for the first 6 months and get a Babyzen Yoyo after that. I still might grin

EllaRees Sat 14-Sep-13 20:34:58

I loved mine, which was also stolen from the hallway of our house. Seriously bear that in mind, as it's really common now - apparently one of the most quickly rising crimes in the UK!

I think all buggies have niggles. It was good for public transport (i live in London) and I don't use a car so walked miles with it and it's pretty lightweight. The foam wheel started making a screechy noise after 18 months and as it was from John Lewis with 2 year guarantee they sent us free replacement. Our neighbours had the micralite which was amazing but you do pay quite a bit more. I would definitely recommend the bugaboo bee plus.

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