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Where do you buy the cheapest birkenstocks?

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UglySister Tue 06-Jun-06 11:46:30

The prices seem to vary a lot...

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 11:47:15

Message withdrawn

tiredemma Tue 06-Jun-06 11:48:11

i got mine from costco for £20.

UglySister Tue 06-Jun-06 11:48:35

No I can´t - good stuff there no doubt but always avoid like the plague.

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 11:49:58

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Tue 06-Jun-06 11:52:10

I've just got a pair for £20, well £19.99 plus p&p.
I'll try and get the link for you.

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 11:53:28

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Tue 06-Jun-06 11:55:19


They have a few left in the sale.
I also looked on ebay and their prices aren't much different. I've seen them in TK Maxx and they are £20.

UglySister Tue 06-Jun-06 12:00:55

Thanks. Funny re TK Max, do you get lots of famous brands in there? Can u buy online??!! I´m like you Blue Teddy, the shop is always in such a mess I even avoid walking through it, somehow depressing. Can´t stand sales either. Don´t know how people bear them either.

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 12:04:22

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Tue 06-Jun-06 12:30:30

TK Maxx doesn't have an online site.

You can pick up some good stuff there if your prepared to rummage. I think someone on here said they got a pair of Seven jeans the other week for a bargain price.

I used to work for them and that was bad enough. We spend hours after closing trying to tidy up. An almost impossible job.

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 12:36:23

Message withdrawn

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