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JOhnsons Holiday skin

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Pennies Mon 05-Jun-06 08:44:40

I know it's been done to death on here but for some reason it won't let me search.

Used some last night (for fair skins) and:

i) it's sooo blimmin streaky

ii) it's pretty dark.

I'm worried that putting more on to try and even out the streaks will make me too brown.

Any tips?

lbgslug Mon 05-Jun-06 09:08:17

I found this too, also that it was too orange.

Exfoliate today and tomorrow and it will be gone. Then start again. use very little, rub in till dry and repeat after a few hours.
Hope this helps

LIZS Mon 05-Jun-06 09:12:34

Did you exfoliate first and apply with your hand or a mitt. You get a more even coverage with a mitt and have to use it sparingly to start with. i only top up a couple of times a week at most

expatinscotland Mon 05-Jun-06 09:18:37

Mix it w/moisturiser! I streak if I put ANY self-tanner/tanning lotion on neat.

Emma7 Mon 05-Jun-06 09:38:51

This happened to me too - I have NEVER in my life managed to use fake tan successfully. I thought that this might be the answer but it went stripey and lasted for about 4 days

Pennies Mon 05-Jun-06 12:08:16

Well it's OK on my arms and on my face (bt I used the face cream on face rather than the body cream). Only succues i've really had with fake tan is St Tropez but it's just so messy.

sweetmonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 12:18:06

i tried the st tropez tan at the weeekend and it is fantastic. have had comments on how nice my legs look which is good.

i use the mousse and have had no problems. quite pricey but def worth it i think

Pennies Mon 05-Jun-06 12:25:06

Yes I think I might just use St Tropez - haven't tried the mouse before so might give that a go.

sweetmonkey Mon 05-Jun-06 12:28:27

in boots if you buy a at tropez product you get a small bottle of exfoliator and moisturiser free which are quite good. plus a wipe for any mistakes.

they sell the latex gloves too which ive used and no streaks or anything

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