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Now that the sun is out...which suncream do you use on your children?

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hunkermunker Sat 03-Jun-06 22:47:54

Preferably one that's easy to apply, doesn't cost a fortune and isn't likely to leave white marks on everything, even hours after application.

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 22:52:17

loads of those star thigns and is anti uva i think which is good <confised look>
oh and ist smells nnice too

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 22:53:06

and i hate the ones that are like factor 50
the kids look like africans who smear white ashes all over thems elf

( memoried of national geographics past)

hunkermunker Sat 03-Jun-06 22:55:12

Have one of those for DS1 (well, two - it was on offer, hence buying it in the first place) and it leaves white marks all over the place. It's last year's too, which no doubt is Not Done because suncream wears out or somesuch tale from the consume more party.

What factor do you use?

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 22:55:54

isnt it anythign over 25 is a waste of tome as poeple e dont apply it neough
my kdis are quite sun hardy and so have 25

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 22:56:13

i myslef use that on my face and 15 on my body

tortoise Sat 03-Jun-06 22:58:27

Ive got boots soltan factor 30.Was buy one get one free in boots last year!Its good.goes on easy.

KateF Sat 03-Jun-06 23:15:33

NIvea spray on one. Factor 40, goes on green and then goes colourless. dds can do it themselves therefore suitable for school.

MaryBS Sun 04-Jun-06 05:26:45

Piz buin once a day, factor 30!

shazronnie Sun 04-Jun-06 07:36:56

I tried the Soltan Once (lasts 6 hrs)spf 30 yesterday and it worked a treat. (I know it worked because I missed a tiny line between leg and top of sock and that bit burnt )

It's on BOGOF at the mo in Boots.

schneebly Sun 04-Jun-06 07:41:17

Avon kids factor 40 - goes on purple but fades and smells good. Also not too expensive. Works well for my fair little blondies.

sassy Sun 04-Jun-06 08:14:29

JOhnsons kids - a spray one. Quite pricey but got it for £4 in Woolies last week (£6 off)!
DD1 has quite sensitive skin so we've tried a few, this seems the best.

Blackduck Sun 04-Jun-06 08:49:10

Simple - ds is allergic to the perfume that most sun creams have in them. Cod - you could be right - my sil said they had people in at school who said anything over 30 is the same as factor 30...

crazydazy Sun 04-Jun-06 08:49:25

Just come back from Portugal and was using factor 30 whilst we were there. It has annoyed me by people saying "ooooh the kids aren't very brown are they?" to which my angry reply was "no because I put their sun cream on" [anger]

I will continue using it here too as I sat in the sun yesterday and it seemed a lot hotter than Portugal!!

crazydazy Sun 04-Jun-06 08:49:57

That should have been

WelshBoris Sun 04-Jun-06 08:54:48

Nivea, DD has dark hair but is fair skinned I plaster her with it

Id be gutted if she burnt

crazydazy Sun 04-Jun-06 08:59:14

We saw lots of kids on holiday with red shoulders and backs, without hats on playing by really was unbelievable.

NannyL Sun 04-Jun-06 09:00:47

I use factor 50+... (on me AND the kids)

ambre solaire grown up one...... unless on a beach when we use the 'kids' one... its so thick its supposed to be sand resistant, hence i only use it on the beach or else we look like snow men! lol

2mum Sun 04-Jun-06 09:23:55

Factor 30 nivea spray on ds`s and factor 20 nivea spray for me. It was 2 for 1 in boots a couple of weeks ago.

SoupDragon Sun 04-Jun-06 10:05:09

Piz Buin once-a-day.

SoupDragon Sun 04-Jun-06 10:05:36

Also use Boots Soltan as it has move UVA than most.

FrannyandZooey Sun 04-Jun-06 10:13:25

We've got a Green People one, factor 25 I think. It's quite easy to apply. Last year we had the Dr Hauschka one which was in a lovely spray but was orangey and turned t-shirt collars orange too

also cost roughly as much as a small car as I recall. We don't go out in the sun much and I worry about chemicals so I choose a slightly more pricey 'green' one.

divamummy Sun 04-Jun-06 13:02:59

Clinque 45+ i think

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