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Gecko or Micralite????

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misskittymalinky Sat 03-Jun-06 14:59:02

Hi Ladies

I'm new here and need some advice on which buggy to buy. I've done all the tyre kicking and have evey spec document but I just can't make up my mind between the gecko & micralite. I'm split because; I like the two-way facing option on the gecko but am put off by the folding option - as I think you have to take the carrycot/seat before you fold. The micralite looks as cool and can be folded with one hand etc bt doesn't look as thou it will last aslong as the gecko - I've seen some toddlers looking squished in them.

I'd appreicate any advice/comments you may have.

Many thanks


aelita Sat 03-Jun-06 17:37:14

Well, I've never yet managed to fold up my Micralite one-handed. That's a myth as far as I'm concerned,

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