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Is it worth fixing my washing machine or shall I buy a new one? If so which one???

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cece Thu 01-Jun-06 16:08:08

I have 11 year old Indesit. The repair man said it would cost probably about £100 to fix. Is it worth it?

If I need a new one have you got any recommendations??


Marne Thu 01-Jun-06 16:12:45

Buy a new one, 11 years is along time maybe you should buy another Indesit!
I like the dyson washing machine but can't afford one, never had a new washing machine as dh gets them from work (house clearances).

cece Thu 01-Jun-06 16:24:57

Now off to my friends house with a dripping wet but dirty load of washing to get it sone properly!

LIZS Thu 01-Jun-06 16:28:04

Paid over 130 to repair our 15 yr old Zanussi last year but not sure I'd spend that on an Indesit. 11 years is pretty good going for one though my mum had one which died within a few years.

azroc Thu 01-Jun-06 16:31:33

I recommend Zanussi, they do seem very reliable. We've got the Zanussi Electrolux Jetsystem and it's great - lots of different wash options, time display, big capacity and it's good environmentally too.

neena28 Thu 01-Jun-06 16:33:51

Siemans xl1400 from

Vary good price and great delivery.

Ours broke a couple of months ago and it was about the same age plus we had already had to spend a bit on it a couple of years before.

Am surprised at how good the programs are on the new ones plus are much cheaper to run and easier to use.

Go shopping!!

Gem13 Thu 01-Jun-06 17:10:15

We have a Miele and it's fab. Expensive but it came with a free 10 year guarantee at the time which we thought was good as our previous ones have always broken down before then.

cece Thu 01-Jun-06 22:37:54

neena28 - that website is great and the model we are looking at is cheaper plus there is free delivery. Do they tell you the day or can you select a dleivery day? It doesn't sya on the website!

Aero Thu 01-Jun-06 22:42:26

I spent £85 fixing my 11yo Hoover washing machine a few years ago. I got another year out of it before it 'died' again. Decided not to spend anthing more on it and that 12 years was a fair life span for a washing machine. have replaced it with another Hoover one ehich is going great so far.

Think I'd go for a new one if I were you.

cece Thu 01-Jun-06 22:46:07

yeah I think I will. Ended up at my friends house today with dripping wet but filthy clothes after two tries in my old one.

But which one. Thinking maybe a Bosch as they come with 2 year warranty...

neena28 Fri 02-Jun-06 12:00:41

Cece just saw your reply..

My siemans came with a 5 year guarentee from Kitchen science. I phoned them and they were very helpful about delivery days etc so I would recommend you do that.

Hope you get one you like, our kids had a sickness bug the day after ours packed up so I had to take puked on stuff to other peoples houses. Eurgh!

JanH Fri 02-Jun-06 12:08:43

Defo get a new one. The models improve so much all the time that the performance of a new one is always staggeringly better.

I replaced my old Bosch machine (I think it was about 8 years old) with this one a few months ago and it's wonderful.

anchovies Fri 02-Jun-06 12:11:13

Fancy seeing you on this thread janh, we like to take every opportunity to rave about our washing machines don't we?!

Agree with Janh, also have the Basch model in her link and agree it's brilliant.

JanH Fri 02-Jun-06 12:20:22

I think they've stopped doing it though, anchovies (talking about new models coming out all the time...!)

madchad Fri 02-Jun-06 12:32:51

Probably woth having the repair, as long as you are okay about it possibly failing again.I imagine you'd consider replacing it with a new Indesit with that sort of lifespan.

Would recommend Miele, we got a good deal at
John Lewis, plus free 10 year warranty.
They are built to last 20 years, so the initial outlay should pay off.
Previous machine was Bosch-perhaps 5 years old when it died.
We have had a Miele dishwasher for almost 8 years without a glitch.
Have had problems with AEG fridge several times in year 1-useless, got refund. Now have a Miele. Also Bosch multifunction oven, problems after 6.5 years. Expensive out of warranty repair. Now the switch is faulty and you can't see the functions (but we know whaere they bare)

My Mum swears by Candy-has had only 3 in 30 years, and they are much cheaper.

Never buy the extended warranty, but try to 'self-insure'. Those companies aren't charities...

Jzee Fri 02-Jun-06 12:45:17

I wouldn't get it fixed as once things get to a certain age they are bound to have other faults. I too have a Miele washer/dryer which cost about £1000.00. I know they are built to last 20 years and maybe that is the case for some people, but when you are using it everyday with a family it's pretty hardwearing. The washer/dryers don't last as long as a washing machine and also the hard water in my area totally broke the heating element which was repaired under guarantee - really worth getting as their parts are expensive and so is labour.

lisayb Fri 02-Jun-06 12:59:00

Also agree with getting a Bosch - we bought Classix 1000 (not really worth getting a higher spin rate as this is good enough) Efficiency rating A - uses small amounts of water (depends on how full the drum is). Also does quick washes

cece Fri 02-Jun-06 18:29:04

I am thinking the Bosch WAE24162 which seems a reasonable price (bearing in mind we mioved house 3 weeks ago and have already bought a new fridge and freezer since then!)

It is on the and also Boots and Sainsburys so who to buy it from ??? Oh um??

EmmyLou Fri 02-Jun-06 18:48:13

same a smadchad - had a fit when Dh came home with it and saw price but it does the job (and lots of useful variations) and all that warranty...bloody quiet too.

EmmyLou Fri 02-Jun-06 18:49:03

woops - thats the miele i'm talking about.

cece Fri 02-Jun-06 22:40:39

Miele are a bit over my budget though

EmmyLou Sat 03-Jun-06 10:20:37

Have had Bosch before and found them reliable and energy efficient etc.

Auntymandy Sat 03-Jun-06 10:22:18

I rent mine now saves on repair bills when bra wires get stuck in it!!!

Gillian76 Sat 03-Jun-06 10:23:10

We have a 7 year old Indesit and I spent £72 getting it repaired a couple of months ago.

That was the first problem we'd had with it.

I think they're good machines as we also have an Indesit condensor dryer which has given us 3 trouble-free years thus far.

Wallace Sat 03-Jun-06 10:33:38

Don't get a new indesit - the old ones last for ages but the new ones don't - ours only lasted 2 years

We have just got the bosch in the link, it is really good, and it only cost £269.

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