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Does anyone use Sea Pearls?

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BonyM Wed 31-May-06 22:17:28

Have just come across these and as I am too chicken to try my mooncup again (after having problems removing it first time I used it) I wondered if these would be good alternative.

Anyone have any experience?

NomDePlume Wed 31-May-06 22:18:29

I'd worry about leakage (and squeezing them out).

neena28 Wed 31-May-06 22:20:29

Would they really be clean after a quick rinse and not a bit smelly?

Not my thing!

NomDePlume Wed 31-May-06 22:24:54

Ewww, yes neena, that's a point. At least Mooncups are smooth and hygenic to clean out. Hate to think of all the nasties that would love to breed in a warm, moist sponge <gag>

BonyM Wed 31-May-06 22:26:11

I suppose I should really pluck up the courage to try the mooncup again. I'm such a wimp...

neena28 Wed 31-May-06 22:27:39

I too much of a wimp to try one at all, so hats of to you...but sea pearls look very yuck to me!

shazronnie Thu 01-Jun-06 17:15:19

give me a tampax any day!

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture Thu 01-Jun-06 18:01:30

[Scientist hat on]

It's not "Dioxin, Raylon or synthetic fibres" that cause toxic shock, its a toxin produced by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can breed in a tampon that's been left unchanged too long.
S.aureus is actually part of normal skin flora, which is why it's so important to wash your hands before putting a tampon in.
Tampons themselves are sterile till unwrapped - I would be doubtful if the sponges are ever sterile, especially if reused and only washed with water.
Mooncups etc are fine because the bacteria can't adhere to the silicone and there's no absorbent but for them to breed in.
I can't find any papers on it but [scientist hat off] would personally not touch them with a bargepole.


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