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I've got a new toy!

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sansouci Wed 31-May-06 22:11:51

A palm tx. Never had one before. It's charging atm. I can't wait to play with it! Does anyone else have one & know what to do with it? How do I get e-mails, for example.

sansouci Wed 31-May-06 22:25:56

I guess no-one else gets excited about these things. oh well.

JanH Wed 31-May-06 22:26:23

I don't even know what it is

tortoise Wed 31-May-06 22:26:55

Ive never heard of it!

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 31-May-06 22:28:31

My mum raves about these things.

She spent bloody ages making out a shopping list once when we visited family, would've been much quicker with a pen & paper

sansouci Wed 31-May-06 22:28:32

Neither do I, to be honest! It's going to replace my trusty filofax. If I can figure out how to use it. It's called a PDA.

Teaandcake Wed 31-May-06 22:53:00

My Dh has one (a Z22 I think) and loves it! This is really saying something as he hates technology. If something faintly odd happens to the pc he is on the phone to his techno-whizz brother who has to drop everything and run straight round to fix it.

However, he finds the Palm dead easy to use, it just talks to the pc as soon as its plugged into it.

shazronnie Thu 01-Jun-06 08:07:20

i had a palm when I had a job!
it was invaluable for reminding me of absoluyely everything!

sansouci Thu 01-Jun-06 23:53:49

think I've managed the HotSync thing. It's taken all evening.

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