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|Multipack kids b day cards

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Coddy Wed 04-Feb-04 16:09:57

They sell these in Marks and Spencer but they are all girly in ours or Fimbles - has anyone a source of cheapo but nice cards?

Janstar Wed 04-Feb-04 16:12:11

Catalogues like Studio or Ace. Or budget bookshops often have them.

nutcracker Wed 04-Feb-04 16:41:01

Oh thats what i need. We've suddenly been inudated with party invites (when i say we, i mean the kids obviously)

Zerub Wed 04-Feb-04 17:22:49

Are either of those catalogues online?

mummysurfer Wed 04-Feb-04 18:19:59

try this

Coddy Wed 04-Feb-04 18:21:41

wow - I have been raving about the book people on another thread - never knew they did cards!

Coddy Wed 04-Feb-04 18:22:20

bugger only xmas ones

charliecat Wed 04-Feb-04 19:06:36

Studios online i just dont know the address.

hewlettsdaughter Wed 04-Feb-04 19:21:08

how about this ?

roisin Wed 04-Feb-04 19:53:59

Studio is here Search under [Gift Shop] then [cards and wrap] ... there are quite a few to choose from, and dead cheap .. some 19p per card!

hmb Wed 04-Feb-04 20:05:56

Tescos do them

Posey Wed 04-Feb-04 20:44:04

Woolies do them.
2 different packs;
pack 1 has 8 cards, 2 each of a princess, a football, a dinosaur, can't remember the other.
Other pack has sheep, pig, cow (I think)
Anyway they cost £1.49 a pack and really don't look cheap. Ideal for kids birthdays when lets be honest they really only want the present!

Coddy Wed 04-Feb-04 20:52:09

thanks wii look there in partic.

do you need to send a card?

My cleaner told me I was tight not doing so...

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