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Coffee maker

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cornflakegirl Wed 31-May-06 11:00:11

DH has just informed me that our coffee maker has died, so we need a new one. Nothing fancy - as long as it makes decent filter coffee. Any recommendations?

FlameBoo Wed 31-May-06 11:01:36

We spent a whole £7.99 on ours from Asda - water goes in, coffee comes out. Doesn't do anything fancy, but as long as you're using decent coffee, then it does its job!

expatinscotland Wed 31-May-06 11:06:26

We got a DeLonghi one from Woolie's for about a tenner 3 years ago. Brew up in it daily or twice daily and it's still going strong.

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture Wed 31-May-06 11:09:39

Kenwood Graphite one £20 from Argos Use it all day every day at work and it makes good coffee.
Have a Morphy Richards one of similar quality at home but Argos don't do it any more.

FlameBoo Wed 31-May-06 11:11:09

I think ours is delonghi - so with the way gadgety things price drop, tis probably about the same

Gives me hope for it living a while

cornflakegirl Wed 31-May-06 11:20:46

mrsb - thank you for that link - it's a nice looking machine too

flameboo / expat - i notice that there's a delonghi one featured on mrsb's link - is that the one either of you have?

i didn't realise they were so cheap - dh was considering getting ours fixed to save the environment - i think money might win this time though...

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