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Well I have a rat's costume to produce and it's harder than you might think....

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MadameClarydeClary Wed 31-May-06 00:59:02

DS1 is a rat in the school leavers' play (it's an infant school and he's yr 2) - Pied Piper in case you were wondering.
Request is "brown, black or grey trosuers and T-shirt", easy enough you may suppose, but the thing is DS1 doesn't have many clothes. He wears school uniform and also grows fast, so he only has about 3 pairs of trousers that fit (unlike ds2 who thanks to a million pass-ons could dress the whole cast...if they were 3!).
Anyway, I have a short-sleeved grey T-shirt but feel sure long sleeved would be better, light brown trousers and dark grey school trousers.
Am happy to buy the bits but it's a case of where! Boys' clothes always have surfers/skateboarders/spiderman on.
So, anyone seen l/s plain light brown/dark grey T-shirts anywhere? Or even a plain grey pyjama set?? Any thoughts??

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 02:30:08

No idea, what about buying something like a white tracksuit and colour it in the washing machine? the colours are sold in Woolworths

MadameClarydeClary Wed 31-May-06 08:06:58

thanks for that thought Chandra, hadn't thought about dying.
Quick bump for the morning crowd....

sugarfree Wed 31-May-06 08:16:16

Don't forget only cotton dyes true.Have you tried charity shops?

BettySpaghetti Wed 31-May-06 08:22:08

Places like Tescos tend to have cheap, plain t-shirts and pyjamas. You could then dye them the right colour.

I had a similar problem pre-Christmas last year trying to find plain black trousers/joggers for DD to be a sheep -every pair had glitter and diamantes on! In the end Boots came up trumps in their range of basics (not the MiniMode stuff).

Orlando Wed 31-May-06 08:29:29

My dd's class are doing the same play and she is the king rat-- I have to find the grey stuff and a leather jacket, fgs!!!

Have been silently fuming about the jacket part for some weeks, but hadn't even thought about the grey. Now am stressed about both!

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