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Need a really good qualitytoy Dr's kit

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Katymac Tue 30-May-06 14:32:25

Can anyone reccommend any that don't fall to pieces after a few days

JILS Tue 30-May-06 14:37:28

We bought DS one from Mothercare for birthday. Has played with it a lot over last month and still going strong. Think it cost about £6.99. Saw one in ELC at weekend too and it looked fab.

NotAnOtter Tue 30-May-06 14:38:46

we had elc for ds3 who is now 9 - needs replacing but more due to loss than damage!

KTeePee Tue 30-May-06 14:40:49

Would second the elc one 0- have had ours for about 6 yrs

MerlinsBeard Tue 30-May-06 14:43:50

we were going to get the elc one but found a cheaper one at woolies and seems to be standing up to rigourous play. £4.99 i think ours was, so not too bad to replace if it does fall to pieces after a year or so

LilacBump Tue 30-May-06 14:46:24

got one from M&S which is DD-proof!

Katymac Tue 30-May-06 15:58:55

what do you think about this one?

With maybe a cheap plastic one to replace regularily

Californifrau Wed 31-May-06 03:44:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paulinka Wed 31-May-06 19:49:50

disney store minnie mouse one is cute snd cheap i think 9.99£

NotAnOtter Wed 31-May-06 19:51:05

like it katy but think i will go for elc again

paulinka Wed 31-May-06 19:59:15


paulinka Wed 31-May-06 20:00:36


paulinka Wed 31-May-06 20:01:34

and its in toys and them girls toys

Katymac Wed 31-May-06 23:27:16

Thanks for that link paulinka (it's a bit pink for me )

I need a Fisher Price one I think.....hmmm where can I buy one

martian Wed 31-May-06 23:35:41

Dd loves the ELC one and it's very sturdy.

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