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JenJam Mon 29-May-06 22:58:43

Anyone got one of these or a competitor one?

Would you recommend?

What to look for?

What toys do 6 month old babies like best?

it's a stationary walker type thing..there are loads to choose from

Safety first
Baby einstein

the mind boggles

any help deciding which to buy/first hand experience would be appreciated

bebejam Wed 31-May-06 08:48:30


My six month old loves her baby einstein activity thingy. Though she likes it more when you sit and watch her play (which kind of defeats the purpose of why I bought it... so I could put her someplace while I get chores done)

If she thinks she's been fobbed off into it, then she gets a bit fussy, but does seem to delight in playing in in for about a half hour or so at a time.

btw- the baby einstein one is of very good quality and sturdily made with great toys. Would recommend it.

ntt Wed 31-May-06 08:56:03

I have two - the baby einstien and the leapfrog. My baby prefers the leapfrog

bebejam Wed 31-May-06 08:59:29

a caveat, it took baby a few days to get used to it. I also sometimes put other little toys in the tray area (like those fisher price blocks and balls) to keep it fresh.

ntt Wed 31-May-06 16:03:46

was in a rush earlier - wanted to say I don't know what I'd do without these - we had the leapfrog one for a few months before the einstein one and it worked so well we had to get another as he was becoming a little bit bored with the just the leapfrog. They're quite different really - the leapfrog is all electrical, with lights and sounds for everything, so very rewarding, where the einstein one has more traditional passive toys - apart from one electrical console with 5 bottons that plays tunes, but both are very good and safe. I've stuck on a few little plastic pots to put interesting bits and bobs in too. One last thing - the Leapfrog is now at it's highest setting, whilst the einstein is at it's lowest, so the einstein will probably last longer as your child grows. I would definitely recommend either - you'll get most of your money back on ebay too when your lo grows out of it. I got my Leapfrog from ebay so I'll probably get all my dosh back

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