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Need to buy a new washing machine, please point me to any thread on the subject, I can't see any!

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WideWebWitch Mon 29-May-06 12:10:41

The msot important thing is that it must have a quick cycle, i.e. under the 3 hours our old one takes. I've skimmed through products but can't see anything, was there ever a thread with a consensus on the best machine? Prefer to buy online today. TIA.

azroc Mon 29-May-06 12:16:13

We've got a Zanussi Electrolux Jetsystem Progress 1600 6kg and it is fab. Copes with all I throw at it (nappies, heavily mudded things, pieces of china and oddities from kids' pockets. Even washed a balloon without popping it!)sometimes 3 washes a day. Has quick cycles, is very green and widely available (even Argos do it). Very reliable make too.

MummyToToby Mon 29-May-06 12:49:05

we have the ultima which is great. huge 7kg drum and its all electronic so it tells you how long the cycle has left etc i think we got it from 1st call appliance direct - they are usually the cheapest we can find for most items.

Wallace Mon 29-May-06 12:51:28

We just got the bosch classixx 1200 express. I love it. It has a 6kg capacity, and the shortest load is something like 35 minutes. Even the 60 degree cotton load is only 1 hr 17 minutes. It is great because it has a display that tells you how many minutes until the cycle finishes.

I think it also came top of the which? report for reliability. It cost about £269.

neena28 Mon 29-May-06 13:40:46

I've got a siemans XL1400.

*I LOVE IT* Bought it about eight weeks ago from

think this one was the one I got!

It has a couple of very fast washes like 39 minutes but also has longer ones that are fab for kids stuff etc that are 40 degree wash which take 1 hour 9 mins. Counts down for you so you know when it will be finished by minute and also has a really easy up to 12 hour time delay so you can run on cheap rate.

As I say I think it's fab, big load, quick washes very clean clothes and lots of different programmes so you can wash virtually everything (even silk etc).

I had it form kitchen science . co uk and thought they were fab, nice and helpful on the phone and delivery exactly when they said it would be. Would highly recommend.


WideWebWitch Mon 29-May-06 14:49:10

Cor thanks for this lot, it's dh's job to research and buy one tihs week so will tell him to look at this thread first.

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