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Mamas and Papas stiockists please

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MerlinsBeard Sun 28-May-06 16:00:04

Anyone know any in stockport/manchester area (even macc as not far from here) Their web page isn't loading and wanting to have a first hand look at at some of the things they sell!

ezridax Sun 28-May-06 17:36:46

Hi, there is a mamas and papas store in cheetham hill at the new manchester fort on Cheetham hill rd.

John lewis has some of their stuff in, there is one in cheadle and one in the trafford centre.

If u go to the mamas and papas store in Cheetham hill pop into tk maxx next door they sometimes sell their stuff cheaper.

MerlinsBeard Sun 28-May-06 19:05:27

cheetham hill! thats where the big store is!! Thank you ezridax

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