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American Style, Sisde by side fridge freezer

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AvonCalling Sun 28-May-06 15:47:33

Having recently moved into my nice new house. I am now looking for a fridge freezer to go in the kitchen.

We have the space for a side by side american style one and wondered if the good bpeople of Mumsnet could recommend one.

We have been to the electrical stores today and seen a couple of nice one, but I would like to get a few opinions before we decide which to go for.

Thank you

JackieNo Sun 28-May-06 16:53:00

We've got this Samsung one - it's been great. Really swallows up all the food you can throw at it (so to speak) - absolutely fab at Christmas and my DD loves being able to get her own water and ice. Also like the little hatch on the right hand side (into the fridge) which means you can get at one shelf in the door without opening the whole door and letting all the cold out. We use it for milk, wine, bread, butter - stuff you want on a regular basis. HTH.

kbaby Sun 28-May-06 22:23:51

weve got a whirlpool one and its great. The freezer holds more than it looks and the fridge has tons of space.
Also love the ice dispenser.

SofiaAmes Mon 29-May-06 05:35:10

In my last kitchen I had the Maytag ZigZag which I loved. I am American and have had many side by sides over the years and that was hands down my favorite. They aren't cheap, but well worth it. It had a wider section in the lower part of the freezer and a wider section in the upper part of the fridge, creating a zigzag door...hence the name. The American Appliance Center has the best prices on them (you have to pretend to be a trade person (like a builder) to buy from them).

Sandy01299 Mon 29-May-06 06:12:21

I'm autralian and find the fridges here in the UK frustratingly small, so I bought a side by side american ff. I'm thrilled with it, for the most part. I absolutley love the hatch that allows us all to get the milk out repeatedly (for all this english tea!) without letting warm air into the rest of the fridge. I also love the buzzer that tells us when the doors are not closed properly - it's especially great when you have kids, because sometimes the doors look closed, but aren't quite there as something is sticking out a bit.
The freezer is not really wide enough for me, but that's possibly personal preference.

WideWebWitch Mon 29-May-06 07:36:55

There are some fab fridges on this site here

AvonCalling Fri 02-Jun-06 19:52:59

Thank you for all the help given on here.

We have decided to go for this one

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