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Recommendations for a digital camera please?

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bramblina Sun 28-May-06 10:21:20

Hi, we have no idea where to start but really only need something simple, ideally we're looking for something between £100-£150, 5m pixels or less, a screen to view on the back, and a half decent zoom lens. Can anyone recommend one that's adequate? We prefer makes like Panasonic and Canon simply because we know them to have been good in the past, but if you have another that's perfectly good then great. TIA

SoupDragon Sun 28-May-06 10:24:55

Have a look in the Arts and Crafts topic - there's a thread in there with a few recommendations on it

bramblina Sun 28-May-06 10:25:25

OK thanks.

SoupDragon Sun 28-May-06 10:26:12

Would have given you a link but am too lazy to find the thread! Is v recent tho.

raggedyanna Sun 28-May-06 10:26:20

we have a canon ixis which we love, it is quite old now but more recent models have had good reviews. Try doing a google on digital camera reviews and see what comes up.

bramblina Sun 28-May-06 11:51:22

Thanks SD, just found it. I'm off surfing now. Ta!

LIZS Sun 28-May-06 11:56:50

this one ?

bramblina Sun 28-May-06 12:33:23

Yes, thanks. I didn't even think to look there but it was nice and easy at the top! Yet to surf though!!!

hulababy Sun 28-May-06 22:27:19

I also have a Canon Ixus which we really like. It just feels good quality when you pick it up. It is 4 years old now and we went to look at new ones today - they have really reduced in price! Having looked at them all I think we are going to update with a new Canon Ixus again - the quality of the casing and the buttons, etc. just seems so much better and we have been very impressed with the photos ours has taken so far.

BadHair Sun 28-May-06 22:58:24

Dh bought me a Sony Cybershot DSCS40 for Christmas. It's perfect - pics are great, easy to use if you want point and shoot but you can do more arty focussing stuff with it if you want. Can heartily recommend, but the one in my link is way overpriced - mine was about £100 I think.

crunchie Sun 28-May-06 23:04:40

We bought a Kodak one recently from ebay. The seller was fab as we screwed up and bought 2 acidently. He even sent it recorded as we wanted it in 2 days!


He doesn't have cameras at the mo, but brilliant and really cheap. We love our camera it is this kodak L743 only as soon as one comes out another takes it's place!! I think we paid about £70 in march. Good camera, nice and slim, loger than some, it is not tiny, but it fits into a pocket

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