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Breadmaker question

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Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 19:33:06

Am just about to use mine for the first time. [excited emoticon]

DD is allergic to milk so I've substituted olive oil for the butter. The recipe book says milk powder too. Can I just miss this out?

azroc Sat 27-May-06 19:49:30

I always leave out the milk powder as I don't use cow products, ditto use olive oil/vegan non-hydrogenated marge instead of butter. Works just fine.

nicnack2 Sat 27-May-06 19:51:00

i dont use milk powder and i actually found the results better.

Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 19:54:07

Great, thanks. Have just switched it on. Looking forward to delicious fresh bread! Will let you know the result

nicnack2 Sat 27-May-06 20:01:42

you cant beat the smell around the house

hoxtonchick Sat 27-May-06 20:05:48

i don't add milk powder or sugar. the bread is yummy.

expatinscotland Sat 27-May-06 20:06:40

dh uses that fake-o coffee mate powder and it works a treat.

controlfreaky2 Sat 27-May-06 20:07:12

they are great. make fantastic pizza dough which hordes of children can top with what they please. entertainment and good food.... ours is panasonic.

Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 21:12:19

Panasonic here too. Hoping for great things!

controlfreaky2 Sat 27-May-06 21:17:53

what are you making for first effort? one small tip... if you cut down salt amount dont put sugar in... is unbalanced and tastes caramelly and yuk. think it does need some salt. we do basic wholemeal all the time. the timer thing is v good. ingredients in before bed. turns self on early am. ready for breakfast....
want to hear how you get on...

Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 22:40:48

Just a basic white. It has 35 mins to go.

controlfreaky2 Sat 27-May-06 22:49:34

are you excited ?

Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 23:08:54

Smells good...

9 mins to go.

Gillian76 Sat 27-May-06 23:25:03

OK, how long do I have to leave it before cutting...

azroc Sun 28-May-06 09:11:48

I assume you've cut it by now - if not, go ahead!
A lot of books suggest 1 hour, but this isn't possible with the smell wafting, is it?

Gillian76 Sun 28-May-06 09:15:03

We are eating it for breakfast right now. Kids are very impressed.

Me too

controlfreaky2 Sun 28-May-06 20:27:21

well done. good isnt it? not sure how long you should leave before cutting. do know you should take it out of machine as soon as its done or it goes soggy in the steam. also its red hot!

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