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to carry or not to carry

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canard Fri 26-May-06 12:27:25

hi - I'm curious to know what other parents think of baby carrying...

Where I live (UK) most people you see use a pushchair/stroller of some sort - and it's very rare that I see a baby in a baby carrier/sling of any sort. Do you carry your baby much or not - and what reasons would you give either way?

For my part, we use both, but in the first 3-4 months we always carried our two children. We used the Wilkinet - it is really comfortable and easy to use once you learn - it's much better on the back than some of the more 'mainstream' ones. Our first baby had really bad colic and we used to get her to sleep in it - it cuddles them in really tight and they feel very cosy. Once they're a bit older we'd vary between pushchair and carrier - depending on our mood.

More about the wilkinet at:

Marina Fri 26-May-06 12:31:19

The Wilkinet may be a top product canard but if you have come on here to advertise you need to contact MNHQ and pay the small fee.
FWIW all my friends at NCT/postnatal groups had slings but opinions differed as to which was best. The Wilkinet doesn't suit everyone.

morningpaper Fri 26-May-06 12:32:59

I used various slings and still do but to be honest if you are out doing chores then there is only so much you can do with a sling - even getting your purse out of your pocket is a palaver - and you can't hang your carrier bags of potatoes off a sling!

Marina Fri 26-May-06 12:33:57

MP, sometimes ds' Maclaren looked liked Old Smoky in motion with all the stuff dangling off it. And ds in there somewhere

shazronnie Fri 26-May-06 12:42:54

DH liked to carry more than I did. We had the babybjorn, but from about 3 mths it was too heavy for me. He could manage it up to 9 mths.
Agree that pram far better for stuffing all sorts of rubbish / useful bits.

sunnydelight Fri 26-May-06 18:53:44

Yet another first time poster with a product link - pay for advertising like everyone else!

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