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Region 1 DVD - help please!

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Straightforward Fri 26-May-06 11:54:54

Was thrilled this morning to receive a present from an American client of a film I really wanted on DVD. However, I now realise that it's a 'Region 1' DVD so probably won't work on my cheap and cheerful DVD player.

Is there anywhere I can swap it for a region 2, or will I just have to go down the ebay route (seems really ungrateful)? Or is there an easy way of converting my dvd player so it will play it?

Any advice gratefully appreciated!

LeahE Fri 26-May-06 11:58:41

You can probably convert your DVD player. What model is it (exactly)?

Straightforward Fri 26-May-06 12:10:50

It's a Sony DVP-NS305, apparently! I'm afraid I'm about as non-techie as it's possible to get, so you may need to explain the process in words of one syllable!

SquarewaysHereWeCome Fri 26-May-06 12:15:31

here you go!

Its either that or £24.99 I'm afraid!!

My DP upgraded mine (whilst I was out!!) Works perfectly (mine is a different model though)

Straightforward Fri 26-May-06 12:22:31

Great - thanks. Bit nervous about it possibly screwing up the player though (on the warning at the top). Anyone else tried it and have success/dire failure? (Don't think my DD would ever forgive me if she couldn't watch her Wonder Woman DVD...)

SquarewaysHereWeCome Fri 26-May-06 14:26:53

So long as yo follow the instructions EXACTLY your DVD player should be fine.

DISCLAIMER: No responsibility will be taken by Squareways for the above piece of advice

MaryBS Fri 26-May-06 21:03:21

If you go to, there's a forum on there you can ask for advice. I ALWAYS go there when I've got any sort of 'entertainment' advice, from DVDs to players, to Sky etc

GarfieldsGirl Fri 26-May-06 21:38:26

We got an 'Xploder' from tpys r us, althpugh may just br for ps2, but any thing with 'dvdX' will de-regionslise, got our for a tenner.

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