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Purple Dora sandals

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Marina Fri 26-May-06 11:29:50

For dd, not me
She has developed a real yearning for these but haven't been able to find them locally.
Before she and I venture further afield can anyone confirm that it is Mothercare who sell them (a friend thought so).
Can't see the wretched things on their website

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 11:30:50

Mothercare do have Dora sandels but I thought they were pink, not purple.

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 11:31:28

Infact about to go and get a pair for DD this afternoon for DD all being well. They didn;t have her size in stock in town so trying the one near her nursery today.

Marina Fri 26-May-06 11:34:00

Thank you so much hula . Dd is pretty good on colours but does tend to describe darker pink as "parple" so I bet that's them!
Bromley here we come. Hope you are successful too. Ds didn't care what he wore at this age, I am not accustomed to fussy tiny shoppers

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 11:35:06

LOL. Must be a girl thing. DD is 4y1m and is very keen to assert her own likes on her wardrobe!

Marina Fri 26-May-06 11:37:12

Even at seven the only thing he is specific about is wearing his Gap pants with beetles on as often as possible.
We already have four pretty age three dresses (bought last year in sales etc) that dd cusses out whenever I proffer them and I think they may not get worn

motherinferior Fri 26-May-06 11:39:46

Chuck 'em this way, dearie. What is it about these second children? DD1 was quite happy to be attired in pretty well anything I suggested at nearly three. Her sister huffs and puffs and is very picky.

Especially about socks, of course.

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 11:43:28

Not just second children - DD is an only one.

Marina Fri 26-May-06 14:26:40

I thought your dd2 was a militant trouseriste like mine MI? Pink, yes, skirts, no.
She was hopping round like Don Estelle in ds' bermudas this morning, not a good look.

hulababy Fri 26-May-06 17:04:53

No Dora sandals in DD's size. Oh well. Going to have to look for something else - need to steer her away from the Lelli Kelly ones a bit longer if I can!

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