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Has anyone used the stokke sleepi cot? What do you think of it?

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sorkycake Thu 25-May-06 22:33:04

I'm sorely tempted but the cost is huge! Anyone think it's worth it?

mazzystar Thu 25-May-06 22:35:53

We have one. It is beautiful. But it is just a cot.

moondog Thu 25-May-06 22:41:54

I was tempted.
Then I realisedit was indeed just a cot and gladly took up a cousin's kind offer of a third hand cot,thus releasing sizeable amount of cashe to keep me in fine wines and glossy magazines.
Twas a no brainer.

sorkycake Thu 25-May-06 22:52:07

Ah Moondog there lies the weak spot. Still does look v cute tho

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Thu 25-May-06 23:01:57

Ha ha, I thought about it, then found the Ambi babynest hammock - which is a) massively cheaper and b) they sleep through from 6 weeks in it Bliiiiisssssss. It's my only baby recommendation and I make it again and again.

lanismum Thu 25-May-06 23:06:08

my dd has one, its very pretty, but not worth the money, its no better than any other cot as far as i can tell.

arfishymeau Thu 25-May-06 23:53:55

I've got one (sobs in England with the rest of my stuff).

Good points - It was great for having the little crib, cot, then bed etc and DD migrated from cot to bed easily in it. It looked lovely with the canopy and matching bedstuff <shallow alert>, although that costs a fortune extra.

Bad points - It's hard work on your back when the base is at the lowest position. The mattress was a pain to change because it's curved and if the padded top bit gets wet its a pain to wash and dry because the foam shifts inside it - we had to open it at one end and constantly re-arrange it. If DD was violently sick and everything needed washing it wasn't too easy to get spare bedding stuff to fit in the oval frame.

I probably wouldn't get another TBH. I'd get one which you can push up against your bed with one side completely down - DD spent ages refusing to sleep unless she was next to me. Actually, I'd get a crib, see what his/her sleep personality was like and then choose.

AllBuggiedOut Fri 26-May-06 00:40:12

Loved it. When it's the mini cot it fits through doors so you can wheel baby from room to room. Particularly useful as we're in a flat all on one level. DS1 & 2 were in it from birth and did all their sleeping in it, no moses basket etc.

Agree that lack of dropping side was a pain for a short while after we dropped the matress to its lowest and before DSs could stand, but I know so many people that never use the drop side on their cots, and it was a short time, so it didn't really bother me.

Top tip - ordinary square fitted sheets fit it just fine, so no need to get the expensive curved stuff.

And once DS1 was over 12 months, we kept a Pampers Bed Mat under the sheet in case there was any major vomiting.

It's just so lovely. In fact, need to go and peep at DS2 who's sleeping soundly in it now...

arfishymeau Sat 27-May-06 11:32:31

That's a very good point ABO. I have to confess I didn't think of that, because DD was a huge vomiter - she would cover the cot, bedding & floor so we had to change everything.

Perhaps with more normal children you don't have to wash out the top matress padding enough to make the foam annoying.

arfishymeau Sat 27-May-06 11:33:52

I think that rather supports my point about buying a crib and then going for the cot - you just don't know what sort of baby you'll have.

nixnoo Mon 29-May-06 18:30:06

I have bought one off e-bay, so the cost was A LOT less, maybe you should consider that as a compromise?

Haven't used it yet (am due 10 July) but it looks FAB!

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