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Graco Mirage pushchair to use with Car Seat

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champs Mon 02-Feb-04 01:17:53

Help.... I didn't like the travel systems when I got my pushchair as I go on bus alot and needed different one. I got a seperate car seat and buggy.
so know i have changed my mind and would like to get the pushchair that I can use with the car seat.
My local shop said I have to buy it all but I'm sure that cant be so.
Anyone know where I can get one?

SoupDragon Mon 02-Feb-04 09:24:56

Second hand?

If it's the same as the one we had, the important bit is the little tray bit at the front as this seems to be what the car seat clips on to if a pushchair has the same tray as the travel syste, the seat should fit I think. My travel system was the Mothercare version which was the same as the Graco one so you may be able to get a Mothercare pushchair as an alternative. Go along to Mothercare, take the carseat off a Graco travel system and see if it will fit any of the other models on display.

Twinkie Mon 02-Feb-04 09:40:04

I'm sure I bought the mirage one - (sorry gave it to my sister) - but I bought the pushchair for DD and had it a few months and then bought the car seat - you can buy it seperate in mothercare or toys are us.

Mine was grey and a greeny colour (sounds yuck eh!!)

Twinkie Mon 02-Feb-04 09:43:05

Just looked on the mothercare website and they are 70GBP.

Loobie Mon 02-Feb-04 19:46:03

I have the graco sterling travel system and my friedn has the mothercare version,the car seats are the same and they both fit on both prams.

misdee Mon 02-Feb-04 20:03:58

sorry to ask, but why have you changed your mind? if u use a bus a lot, then it must be awkward to have the buggy and the car seat on there if u have to collaspe it?

champs Mon 02-Feb-04 20:07:43

thanx!!! please tell me... what is your experience with travel sys? i have had som advice that they r hard to manage and baby sees only the hood of the buggy!! would you recomend one? i feel so mean wen i hve to take him out of chair to put in buggy wen he is sleepin!! esp in the cold.

misdee Mon 02-Feb-04 20:14:28

personally i dont like them as i think babies should be lying flat. and most babies i know rarely stir when moved from car seat to buggy. even now my dd's will fall asleep in the car and when i move them inside up a flight of steps they are still snoring away.

Twinkie Mon 02-Feb-04 20:17:07

babies are not used to lying flat - afterall they are at their snuggliest curled up inside you.

I had 2 travel systems and they were great, easy to get in and out of the car and practical too.

HiddenSpirit Mon 02-Feb-04 21:30:58

Champs, I have the Graco Mirage (the sorta mintish green one?) pushchair which has got the bar round the front, but I bought this before they introduced the travel system. Looking at the pics of the ordinary Mirage and the travel system on the Graco website, it doesn't look like there is any difference (apart from car seat obviously). If this would be any good to you, give me a shout on spiritndarkness(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk This is also my msn if you would prefer on there

champs Tue 03-Feb-04 00:17:56

mmm..... cheapest i have seen for heatwave colour is £75 for mirage and £109 for sterling.

Hidden--- I went to msn you but was told you r in bed... wooops

HiddenSpirit Tue 03-Feb-04 07:44:37

lol sorry Champ, I forgot to sign out (wasn't feeling too well). You would have had the pleasure of speaking to my DP

I'll be on tonight from about 5ish if you want to try again

SoupDragon Tue 03-Feb-04 09:43:17

I loved my Mothercare travel system. It was easy, I've taken it on buses (minus the car seat) without too much difficulty, DSs were never disturbed when moved from car to pushchair and stayed sunggly. The fact that there was no messing about, you simply plonked the car seat ontop of the push chair was great. It meant that if you didn't want to use it as the travel system, you didn't have to. It was ready for everything. And it was cheap compared to other travel systems and is still going strong 5 years on.

You can also stand a toddler on the back of the basket and they can curl up in the basket too despite what it says about the weight of stuff in the basket

Twinkie Tue 03-Feb-04 09:56:38

There is no difference between the one sold with the car seat and the one without - I bought car seat after pushchair and it fits perfectly.

Toys R Us were the cheapest when I got mine and you can get all of the accessories in there too.

champs Tue 03-Feb-04 15:10:08

hidden-- lol... i will try u then
soupie and twinkie-- thanx for ur input... I really am undecided, but i think even if I wasn't happy wiv it I can sell it after...or even bring it back as it has 6 mths guarantee.

why didn't I test drive one at the baby show?! Had other things on mind... like dropping DS1 in creche, dashing to feeding room wiv DS2 and trying to cram everything in before creche time ran out

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