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I need a 2nd stage car seat that can be strapped in with a lap belt.

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Xena Wed 24-May-06 12:51:25

I need to put DD2 in the middle so that the others can use the 3 point seat belts. Which ones can be strapped in with just a lap belt? Thanks

Xena Wed 24-May-06 14:17:53


LadyTophamHatt Wed 24-May-06 14:19:03

2nd stage??

is thatthe 9months plus ones??

Xena Wed 24-May-06 14:21:34

yes. any ideas?

LadyTophamHatt Wed 24-May-06 14:22:24

hang on will find a link for ours for you....

we use the lap belt.

23balloons Wed 24-May-06 14:23:34

I have a Maxi Cosi XP which can be strapped in with a lap belt according to the instructions. Bought it a few years ago now but I think they still sell them.

FioFio Wed 24-May-06 14:24:25

Message deleted

LadyTophamHatt Wed 24-May-06 14:25:25

here you go

We have a Nissan primera estate and it fits fine. If you go to the brittax site you can put in you make and model of car and it tells you if this seat will fit in the lap belt seat.

Xena Wed 24-May-06 14:34:46

Thankyou that gives me 3, it needs to fairly narrow too as there will be a booster seat each side.

LadyTophamHatt Wed 24-May-06 14:36:57

we have a booster seats either side.....

Xena Wed 24-May-06 14:40:32

Thanks its ordered as Britax says it fits!

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