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Quinny Zapp vs Mutsy Spider

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zubin Wed 24-May-06 08:47:49

Ok this is my 3rd pushchair query, dh has said I can buy one final pushchair (ds is 2 and I have been through 8 so far!!!) currently have a maclaren but really want a 'holiday pushchair'. Had decided on quinny zapp - small fold absolutely essential with small car and loads of stuff to take away with us, but then noticed the mutsy spider and now can't decide. The lay back bit is appealing but not essential it's the small fold bit I am really interested in. Anyone got any thoughts on either of these two (or any other suggestions just to confuse me even more??)

SHHHH Wed 24-May-06 14:16:09

I wanted the spider and ordered one but they delay time is madness. I needed it for hols so have got a zapp instead.

Both look good, only think is you can't see the proder yet unless you wait till it's launched. The zapp doesn't recline. Other than that they both look brill prams.
The zapp is brill esp for hols. DD loves it.

Depends on how soon you need it..???
Don't think spider will be launched until late june....

PanicPants Wed 24-May-06 14:32:19

Ive a zapp and I love it. But haven't seen the spider so can't compare.

It folds down so small for the car it was a god send when we went on our hols.

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