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what to buy the mother who has everything for her 50th birthday???

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gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 20:50:24

as you were all so fantastic at finding cockerels for me

she does not want:
massage/ pampering day type stuff
bath stuff
food/ drink
computer stuff

she likes birdwatching but has bird table, books on birds, binoculars and rspb membership

if you are still there any suggestions appreciated

ja9 Tue 23-May-06 20:52:22

a family portrait?

weekend away?

experience like hang gliding?

ja9 Tue 23-May-06 20:52:46

one of those cookery course things?

SecondhandRose Tue 23-May-06 20:53:24

Bench for the garden. Plant for the garden, pot for the garden, bird bath/statue/sundial. Am I getting warm?

notasheep Tue 23-May-06 20:54:00

flight tickets to see a relative- i booked my Mother to go and see her sister in Canada

tortoise Tue 23-May-06 20:55:38

adopt a bird?

JoolsToo Tue 23-May-06 20:56:18

dd did me a photo album mainly of me from my babyhood onwards - obviously some of those photos included the family - I loved it!

chocolatequeen Tue 23-May-06 20:58:07

Budgies in a cage. Saves on binoculars and rspb memberships if you get your own ones.

Are there bird watching places to go and stay? I´m sure there´s a Scottish island where there are lots of types of rare birds.

how about scanning lots of photos from her life and printing it in a photo book? You can include pictures of other things too. Like birds. Or something.

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:02:06

she doesnt put photos up (no idea why). experience day would not go down well, she is rather set in her ways! think i would get a slap for the cookery course. garden is done, has benches, pots etc. no relatives abroad, and my dad has just booked a week in malta. <sigh>

adopt a bird is interesting, tho my dad adopted a donkey for her a while ago (can you tell we all have problems with her) and she was really annoyed cos she felt she had to go and see it and didnt want to (dont understand it myself but there you go). we used to have budgies and the noise annoyed her

photo album might be worth a go, would have to get my grandma involved (so she could stop stressing aswell!)

all fantastic ideas which i would love to receive however! she usually tells me something she wants but has been unable to find for the last year. generally i manage it but have not been set a challenge this time

JanH Tue 23-May-06 21:08:28

Speaking as a 50+ mum - are you sure she wouldn't like wine?

Oh - I know - subscription to Saga mag (excellent even if you're not over 50!)

justmummy Tue 23-May-06 21:08:59

National Trust membership?

Earlybird Tue 23-May-06 21:09:42

Why not ask her for some ideas of things she'd like? At 50 she should be past the point of needing to be surprised.

A few years back, some members have our family started doing lists of things we'd like. It definitely took the stress out of waiting for a thunderbolt of inspiration that would lead us to the "perfect" gift.

hunkermunker Tue 23-May-06 21:10:28

I'd do one of these photo books, I think

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:16:04

jan, she drinks wine by the bucket! however she is really fussy, and only drinks one kind so i would have to buy her the same stuff she buys herself and it just seems a bit pointless for a special birthday! if she would drink decent stuff it would be a great idea! saga mag would definately get me a slap, my 80-odd year old grandmother reads it

nat trust membership might be worthwhile, will run it past my dad as he is usually with her when she does that sort of stuff.

i have asked her what she wants earlybird, she says a bunch of daffodils (she has asked for that every birthday since we were old enough to buy pressies!). problem is she just buys anything she ants, it is most unreasonable of her

that photo link does remind me she wants handpainted mugs from the kids so i had better get round to that

JanH Tue 23-May-06 21:20:06

What is the same wine she buys herself, gg?

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:21:54

cheap stuff less than £2 a bottle from aldi! tastes like vinegar to me but she loves it. cant drink any other sort unless really pushed

Racers Tue 23-May-06 21:22:40

yeah, are you sure she wouldn't like a case of something different? could sign her up for Laithwaites (is that right, or have I got mixed up with the cream cake people near Preston?) anyways, or virgin wine club. Or is she really stuck in her ways?

Racers Tue 23-May-06 21:23:50

oh xp - no to that idea then

is she creative?

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:31:35

hello racers, hows work?

she really is that stuck in her ways! she drinks other stuff when out but gets hung over from it so prefers not to if possible. suppose i could buy a crate of the usual, but was more thingking of getting something special as it is a biggie. not that she wants to admit that of course!

not creative at all, when i got old enough to do anything arty she decided it was my job from then on and hasnt done anything like that since.

this is a very awkward woman we are talking about!

RobertdeNiroswaiting Tue 23-May-06 21:38:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:47:06

bit far to the west end, we are in north west!

she would poss like something i made but not sure what. she has been known to cry over a xmas angel i made and a daffodil card made with a bit of egg box made by my brother as she taught us to make them when we were little... will have to think about that one.

i do appreciate all suggestions btw, all are fab and any normal person would be thrilled with such thoughtful gifts!!

RobertdeNiroswaiting Tue 23-May-06 21:51:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 21:57:07

am intrigued about the sense of humour one! doubt she will appreciate anything to do with her age this time tho grin]

i did a nice pic of the kids at xmas and its not displayed, so dont think a photo will be appreciated. have done cross stitch cards before and she has kept them so another may go down well. i recently got 'naughty cakes' decorating book, could have a look in that (but would have to wait til my gran went home!!!!)

have never tried quilting but she might actually like that! have got about 3 weeks. any tips?

MrsBadger Tue 23-May-06 21:58:47

if the kids are painting mugs and she'd like something homemade, could you paint a cake plate / sugar bowl / teapot to match? doesn't need to be artistic, writing Happy Birthday Mum in nice script could take up most of a plate.
Or something else to 'got with' the mugs - crochet coasters, knit/embroider tea cosy, make lace for traycloth (am scraping barrel here).
Paint her a watercolour? (use a kit!)

I fulfil all my handmade-loving-aunt obligations with hand-done easter eggs but appreciate that won't help you...

magazine subscription always good - Good Hosuekeeping better bet than Saga!
or an oxfam goat - you don't have to visit those!

WideWebWitch Tue 23-May-06 22:03:11

How about personalised Monopoly?

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