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pramette or mutsy spider?

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poppyh Tue 23-May-06 07:41:58

have just had my third baby and have never got the pushchair right.Have been using a twin aria but 3 yr old now wants to walk.Baby is 3 months old.Do I go for pramette which i hear great things about or should i be more practical and get a zapp or spider for when she is older?Great option for holidays. Thought i had decided on zapp, but now someone locally has pramette with car seat unused all for £100!I have a single pushchair which i bought at nct sale for £2 but its really tatty!Help!

SHHHH Tue 23-May-06 07:55:04

I would be wary about buying a carseat 2nd hand..I understand they say it's unused BUT how can you be sure..?? IMO my baby is worth more.

We have recently gone through a similar dilema needing a pram for hols, we were set on the spider BUT after having one on order since early april it's been delayed and delayed and is now not due out till end of june..possibly longer..

We instead bought the zapp which we love..! Even dh was v v v v v impressed.!!!

Depends though if you want to take the car seat on hols..?? or do you need to use it daily..??
If you only need it for hols then you may want to risk buying the £100 travel system but if you will not use it on hols then buy the zapp. IMO a brilliant buy.

Not sure if this has helped you..??!!

poppyh Tue 23-May-06 07:59:18

It has helped.I too would be wary about carseat. I already have one anyway.
I think its between a zapp and spider!!

sandradee Tue 23-May-06 20:21:31

I have a pramette and although it's great for local pramming it's a complete pain when you want to put it in the boot and go anywhere - you can't get anything else in. I liked it when DS was very small because it faces the right way and lies completely flat but to be honest if I had my choice again it would not be this make.

misdee Tue 23-May-06 20:26:42

the zapp u wont be able to use for a few months unless you have the car seat which fits on it. i'd go for the pramette purely for the lie flat aspect of it. (the pramette does lie flat doesnt it?)

sandradee Wed 24-May-06 09:09:05

Yes, the pramette lies "flat" although there is a slight slant but it's marketed as being a flat pram. I'm not familiar with the other types of pram mentioned here. I also could not say what the car seat is like since I used Brittax Cosy tot premium.

Good points about the pramette are
1) lies flat
2) will grow with the child and can be used up to about 3 years
3) Comfortable and cosy in the winter
4) can be used as a bit of a shopping trolley - lots of room underneath and very sturdy - you would be amazed how much shopping I can hang off the back of it (which I know you should not do) but it won't tip unlike the macclaren and other umbrella pushchairs.

Bad points are
1) Heavy to carry
2) takes up lots of room in the boot
3) not the easiest to put in a cupboard so needs an area in the home where it can be left up all the time
4) the rain guard has come away from the zip over time - I'm sure that must ha[pen alot
5) When it rains it's a complete pain in the arse to get the rain guard on quickly and you end up faffing for ages (well I do) so now I keep it on all the time and pull it back.
6) Not good when you are out shopping in small shops - again takes up the whole place.

lisayb Wed 24-May-06 14:04:49

Do you mean the mamas and papas pramette?

sandradee Wed 24-May-06 19:30:56


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