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Disposable nappy liners??

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kiwicath Fri 30-Jan-04 20:12:08

Hi ya. Trying to find some nice soft disposible nappy liners to use with my lovely cloth nappies. Bought the "ultra liners" from the Nappy Lady but really disappointed as they are basically paper towels and very scratchy. I don't need flushable ones as the plumbing here in Egypt won't put up with them. Would like to be able to wash them a couple of times though so I can economize a bit. Any suggestions??

hermykne Fri 30-Jan-04 20:14:28 i think do them, as do mothercare not sure if mail order though.

zebra Fri 30-Jan-04 20:16:20

My faves are the Boots disp liners, but don't know how'd you get them in Egypt. Where in Egypt are you, anyway?
I use rags (old clothes cut up to size) for liners, mostly. Works brilliantly, and very economical!

Tissy Fri 30-Jan-04 20:31:59

kiwicath, try washing the ultra ones before you use them- they soften up a lot and if only wet can be washed and used a few times before they fall to bits. We use paper liners from Twinkle Twinkle for nursery days, but at weekends use fleece- *much* softer on the bum altogether.


BekkiKay Fri 30-Jan-04 21:37:04

I second php liners. They can be re-washed 5 times. Although I prefer fleece liners.

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