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Help me find something for my frustrated 4 month DD.........

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SomethingAboutMary Mon 22-May-06 19:22:37

Right DD is 4 months old & extremly frustrated, she is very very forward for her age & she spends the day whinging & moaning & get very very cross because all she wants to do is sit up, i sit her on my knee for as long as poss but i have chores to be done.

She is not happy with just sitting in a bouncy chair she wants to be sitting straight.

I am now finding this extremly stressful as i can see her frustration & really have no idea of what to do.

All i can think of is one of those walk around sit things where you sit them in but can i put her in that at 4 months>? if not what else can i use?

Please recommend me some products, it really would help ease our situation.

Thank you.

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:25:24

A Bumbo chair? They are about 25 quid, and lots of my friends had them for their babies, and said they were fab.

MerlinsBeard Mon 22-May-06 19:26:00

bumbo? one of those activity ring things?(u know the kind u sit them in and theres things to do all round) not sure if u have to have better head control for that tho as i never had one

Twiglett Mon 22-May-06 19:26:57

if she has neck control then get a bumbo

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:29:16

here they are

SomethingAboutMary Mon 22-May-06 19:31:39

Thanks for that never thought of them yes she has total neck control, she also rolls all across the floor & pushes herself across the room by her heals, she is just totally frustrated & its stressing her out & also me now.

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:32:49

Order one now, I tell you!!!!!! Kiddicare are great, and will have it delivered in the next day or two.

SomethingAboutMary Mon 22-May-06 19:33:10

Just looked at the link, thats looks perfect just the sort of thing she needs oh i am off literally running to the shops tomorrow, she will be thrilled once in there, new i could rely on mn thanks ladies

SomethingAboutMary Mon 22-May-06 19:33:51

You think i shoudl order it? maybe you are right? do mothercare do them? thats where i was going to go but i bet there prices are bigger?

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:35:23

Mothercare do do them, but I think they are more expensive. Kiddicare are really good, and will deliver it quickly and for free, providing you don't live somewhere bizarre like the Outer Hebrides. I have ordered lots of stuff from them, and they are cheap and excellent IMHO.

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:36:35

I lie. Have just looked on MC website, and they are the same price, 27.99. Get thee to Mothercare tomorrow, lady!

SomethingAboutMary Mon 22-May-06 19:40:57

I have used kiddicare i brought a buggy board & footmuff from them about 4 months ago & i agree there products are fab.

I will have to go to mothercare as i could do with it like tomorrow will let you know how she gets on, bless her, may even add a proud picci of her on here tomorrow in her new seat, thanks again.

intergalacticwalrus Mon 22-May-06 19:42:51

look forward to it

Mfer Mon 22-May-06 21:04:53

Bad mother here - just to throw in an alternative I put my DD in a baby walker at 16 weeks - absolute heaven she whizzed around the kitchen with her equally frustrated best friend - my HV reckoned it saved my sanity and on the plus side tired her out more so her afternoon naps were longer. She was much happier in general when she started walking and has always been independent and wanted to go and do what she wanted takes after her mother.

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