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ikea sale.........anything worth having in it?

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poppyseed Sun 21-May-06 17:47:51

Doas anyone know if kitchen units are in the sale . We're after a few units for our study and need them cheap and cheerful really!
Anyone got any other bargains?

poppyseed Sun 21-May-06 18:18:39

oh dear

LadyTophamHatt Sun 21-May-06 18:20:31

have you ever been to the ikea sale poppy?

there are loads of bargains but it's worse than hell on earth.

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes then willingly spend time there during a sale.

NannyL Sun 21-May-06 19:12:55

Im interested as well... will be moving into my first house in a few weeks time

saying that my nearest ikeas are both a good hour and a half / 2 hours away!

SparklyGothKat Sun 21-May-06 19:20:00

I went today it was packed... they have the toy storage hanging thingies for 99p. They have lack coffee tables half price. emmmm....... not sure about kitchen units.

Whizzz Sun 21-May-06 19:21:35

didn't see any kitchens. We bought half price sofa covers & 49p wrapping paper !!
The tip is NOT to go at weekend. We are lucky and only live a short diatance from one - so we go after work in the week!
There was quite a lot that was half price - I love the kids stuff - £20 for the spinny 'bucket chair' with a pull down cover (was £50 I think) and also bed canopies for £5, although we didn;t buy either !

SparklyGothKat Sun 21-May-06 19:22:21

I saw the bed tent things too, shame i have no use for one....

Whizzz Sun 21-May-06 19:26:58

Yes DH was far too practical and said no, prob wouldn't have fitted on the bed anyway !

serenity Sun 21-May-06 19:36:26

It's an OK sale, but I wouldn't bother travelling miles for it.

It's worth bearing in mind that the stuff on sale is marked down because it's being discontinued in that form. So with some things it's only certain colours that are being reduced, because they are being replaced, the rest of the range will stay full price.

Jbck Sun 21-May-06 21:03:50

I wish they showed all the stuff on the site to check in advance. I was going to go Wednesday (my day off) but I can't be bothered trekking there if there's nothing worth having. I'm looking for stuff for DD's room but with my luck it'll be full price.

misdee Sun 21-May-06 21:07:50

the tv unit i went in to get was half price,what a bargain!

didnt see any kitchen units reduced, but didnt lok there really, sorry.

mysonsmummy Sun 21-May-06 21:20:51

ds has got the bed tent and thinks its great. TBH he never slept in his bed always ended up in mine but since he got it he stays in his bed everynite. we got the one same colour as his postman pat duvet (which he got from his star chart after 7 nites in his bed). he loves it. would never dare go at the weekend. its open till 12 midnight so good time to go. the creche is free for an hour so will go tomorrow when he finishes pre-school and have a look. must say the creche is fantastic. great idea to do free creche. when does the sale end?

serenity Sun 21-May-06 22:27:21

Sale ends 12 June.

Jbck - if you were after something specific, let me know. I might be able to remember if it's on sale (I work there btw, but I'm not back in until thursday evening)

Jbck Mon 22-May-06 21:20:31

Serenity it's the Minnen Ros girls bedding, curtains, rug and stuff. I might go anyway as DD loves the creche & I get peace to wander round aimlessly for an hour.

serenity Mon 22-May-06 23:21:55

No, pretty sure Minnen Ros isn't.

As far as I recall it's Blimp Curtains and duvet set, the Kryp Slanda Curtains , and the Minnen Rida Curtains/drapes from childrens textiles.

Which IKEA do you go to btw?

Jbck Tue 23-May-06 22:15:59

Thanks S. If it's a wet & windy day I'll go for a nosey. Glasgow's closest but I've done Gateshead & Edinburgh too.

serenity Wed 24-May-06 12:50:57

Completely the other end of the country from me then. Have fun!

charliecat Wed 24-May-06 12:52:09

How much are towels in Ikea any one know?

serenity Thu 25-May-06 11:30:39

Depends on which ones, anything from about 59p to £10. Have a look here

Tanja ones are in the sale (with matching bath mat and shower curtain) but they're a bit.......busy, I think (trying to be loyal and not just say bleurgh)

charliecat Thu 25-May-06 11:38:36

hmm thye are a My friends gone for me so we will see what she comes back with

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