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Can anyone recommend a video game console for a 5yr old (pref. not playstation/Xbox)

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bluebear Sun 21-May-06 10:51:35

Ds has asked for a video game for his fifth birthday - we don't have anything like a games console and don't really want to spend loads on one for him at this age.
I've seen some things in Argos but are they any good?


azroc Sun 21-May-06 11:04:43

I'd be interested to hear people's views too. My 9-year-old wants a playstation, but I just don't know about these things. We've managed to avoid them so far - are they best avoided altogether or should I give in but make firm rules about it? Sorry, not meaning to hijack!

GDG Sun 21-May-06 11:15:20

Ds1 has the v-smile console and he loves it. He's just 5 and he got it for Xmas last year. You can get age appropriate games - 3-5, 5-7, 7-9. It's easy to use so you don't need to supervise.

He's got the one that plugs into the TV, not the one that is hand held.

here it is

bluebear Sun 21-May-06 12:20:51

Thanks GDG - that's the one I was looking at.

Azroc - I am impressed you've managed to avoid it up to now! We wanted to avoid it as long as possible but we're guessing at some point it becomes inevitable (but with rules limiting use)

Mfer Mon 22-May-06 21:08:38

Have you considered PC games we got a few really good ones for DS - namely Noddy, Pingu, Fireman sam, thomas. Really nice themes and things to do - fireman sam is great you make yourself into a fireman and then whizz around Pontypandy - age recommend 4-7 but my 9 year old still plays with it now - we are still avoide playstation etcetc although he is saving furiously for a Nintendo Ds.

Whizzz Mon 22-May-06 21:12:00

Ditto PC games - then you can get educational ones (DS who is 5) loves the Clifford ones or action ones - he's into Action Man at the mo !

gothicmama Mon 22-May-06 21:14:04

dd has nintendo ds which she loves dh can get games he likes for it and some games are educational - we have rules around when she can use it and for how long -

MamaMaiasaura Mon 22-May-06 21:16:32

i agree that pc games are good but have to say the playstation is fab. We are strict re time limits of play and not everyday either. The are many good games that are multiplayer so you can play with him. Also great when his friends come round to play too.

Ds doesnt play it alot and doesnt go on about it either, it is there and not an issue. Also duobles up as a dvd player.

Think is a good investment as i bought ours years ago and still going strong. Now the ps3 is being lauched the £ will come right down.

Ds has asked for nintendo ds which i am more reluctant about as it is easier for him to take up to room to play, out in car etc. At least with PS set up in lounge we can monitor him.

Firmly against tv and computers in bedrooms - seen enough tenns with agrophobia and social issues in my line of work to know this is a bad idea.

Whizzz Mon 22-May-06 21:19:06

Just to stress, he only uses the PC under supervision and for set periods. I think it is good to gain PC confidence and mouse control

MamaMaiasaura Mon 22-May-06 21:20:24

Re nintedo ds - finding this a real dilemma as ds friend has one and became completely anti-social and non-communicative. I like the fact that can swithc off ps2 and go do things together as family. If he had ds he would end up playing it alot more and more diff to make it a social activity.

Games are good tho as the teach planning skills etc

gothicmama Mon 22-May-06 21:20:43

good point about bedrooms we are hoping that by letting her play it downstairs now when she is older she'll not want to play upstairs on it as it's something she does with us around

SaintGeorge Mon 22-May-06 21:33:17

How about something like Plug & play games.

A limited number of games (not just sonic, there are others available) but still the video game fun.

Easy to set up, older style games so easy to play.

SoupDragon Mon 22-May-06 21:36:08

We dug out our old Sega Mega Drive for DS1 when he was 5. He adores it!! Has no idea just how old it is...

neena28 Mon 22-May-06 21:45:37

Not a recommendation more a word of warning.

My ds was 5 at xmas and we bought him a has been a total nightmare.

He is very bright and does very well on the pc at home and school and we thought the playstation would be an extension of these. On the whole we are quite outdoorsy people so ds only goes on the playstation when it is raining etc but it always ends in tears. All the games he has got are age appropiate (ie 3+) but he gets so frustrated when he is on it it's untrue.

He finds the whole thing really hard and in truth I think it is not helping his pc skills at all which are going to be far more use to him when he's older than playstation skills.

I wish I had never bought the bloody thing and most of the time it is hidden until ds really begs and then we only let him use it if he is in a good, rested mood.

I really implore you not to get one, I know you're not keen, but we get semi pressured into it with the fact a lot of ds's friends have them and have really lived to regret it.


Mfer Mon 22-May-06 21:50:50

Agree with Neena & Awen my brother who has really differing parenting view to me uses his childrens PS2 and gameboys as a childminder whenever they are playing up he says "go and play on your gameboy" drives my mopther mad the children are becoming introverter monosylabic morons and at family events they are just sat down playing with these b----y things.
Pc games much better and can be v educational bear in mind that alot of teaching in schools is PC based so if they have good mouse skills and keyboard skills they will find it easier - the JumpAhead series is also great educational but fun.

Having said that I think you should be guided by your DS and your common sense - everything in moderation.......

MamaMaiasaura Mon 22-May-06 21:53:53

neena - my ds would get frustrated too, thing is i like playing too so sat with him and let him find his way (with help ) also would set itmer for set period - usualy 30 min - max an hour.

just bought the old sonic hedgehog game set - dead easy controls - x and direction so he is managing it fine.

neena28 Mon 22-May-06 21:57:53

DS has never been on it alone, so we have tried that already.

I asked his teacher whether she had any insight as normally he is very happy and not at all tearful but she just suggested that he finds pretty much everything else easy so having something that he finds really hard is a bit of a nasty shock.

Having seen the v-smile I think that would have been better as it needs the language or maths skills that ought to be encouraged with some basic computer skills too in a more child friendly format.

Just wish I'd realised that before I made such an expensive mistake and can't really go back now! Hope I've stopped someone else doing the same.

MaryBS Tue 23-May-06 03:20:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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