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Induction Cooktops - whaddyareckon?

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suzywong Sat 20-May-06 10:05:54

I will be refurbishing the kitchin within 12 months, I cannot begin to communicate my ecstasy but I would like your opinion on Induction Cooktops.

I saw one demonstrated in a store today and it looked good, really good, as good as gas. Any opinions?

GeorginaA Sat 20-May-06 10:09:56

I would be wary - simply because every time I browse through the Lakeland catalogue, all the pots and pans and things say "not suitable for induction" - that's got to be a pain, hasn't it?!

suzywong Sat 20-May-06 12:57:58

Thanks GA, but i checked already that all my pans will do the job

Anyone else? Does it seem too good to be true?

geekgrrl Sat 20-May-06 13:44:21

induction is FAB! It's so much more controlled, great for keen cooks - you can up or reduce the heat very very quickly and in a very precise way.
And the hob surface doesn't get hot, which makes it a lot safer.
Getting pans isn't particularly difficult, as long as they're steel and not aluminium they're fine.

mixed Sat 20-May-06 14:21:24

my sister would not change her induction cooker for anything else!

wilbur Sat 20-May-06 14:23:04

We're doing our kitchen too in the next few months (I join you in ecstasy, SW) and are definitely going for an induction hob. I saw one demoed in the US some years ago and it was amazing. They're a doddle to clean and much safer for the kids and use far far less electricity and boil stuff way faster. Can't wait. I like the look o fone of the bosch ones, btw.

Carmenere Sat 20-May-06 14:24:28

I'm sorry but I don't trust anything other than gas.

suzywong Sat 20-May-06 14:43:05

Hmmmm.....they do seem to be the answer to a cook's prayers. Thanks for the info. As the kitchen is sooooo tiny and I will be short of countertop space I may go for it, as you can use the surface to rest equipment etc on.

And as I am going to catering college part time I will be able to get my gas fix there, I hope. Love gas, love it. I have been using a ^ceramic top hob^ for nearly 2 years now . Oh, the Horror.

geekgrrl Sat 20-May-06 14:43:29

make sure you get a decent, high-powered one. We have a top-of-the-range DeDietrich which is a lot more powerful and faster to respond than my parents' old Bosch one.
Gas is just archaic compared with induction.

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