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HELP ideas for gifts for a 13/14 yrold girl and a 2 yr old boy.

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Skribble Sat 20-May-06 01:02:31

We are visiting and need to take presents as we haven't been since before christmas, in fact I have never met the 2yr old boy as he is Brothers new girlfriend. So what is new in ELC for 2yrolds and should I just get a voucher for the teenager as I have no idea what she is into at all.

PurseyHandbag Sat 20-May-06 01:07:34

I think cinema vouchers are good for older kids whose tastes you don't know. 2 year old boys like duplo bikes and riders I seem to remember. Have fun!

Skribble Sat 20-May-06 01:14:55

I thought duplo, I will se what the latest sets are, trouble is I don't know what he has already. Their local cinema is an independant so I won't be able to get vouchers, good idea though.

lorina Sat 20-May-06 20:02:16

Teenagers only really want hard cash. In my experience they would rather have £10 in real money than £20 in a voucher. My kids still have vouchers left over from last xmas

Mercy Sat 20-May-06 20:07:05

My 2 year old ds is mad about cars, trains, tractors, diggers, helicopters - any vehicle in fact, but especially diggers!

ELC has plenty of these types of toys.

Skribble Mon 22-May-06 22:55:20

Thanks I went for an HMV voucher (hate giving money) and a pirate ship from ELC, both went down very well .

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