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How do you froth milk with a Krups expresso machine?

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IlanaK Fri 19-May-06 16:49:11

I have had my Krups machine for ages and happily make my coffee on it each day. But until recently I never tried the cappoccino attachment for frothing milk. I just can't get my milk to froth!

I have followed the instructions to the letter. And It heats the milk beautifully. But it does not froth.

So what am I doing wrong???

Alipiggie Fri 19-May-06 17:15:08

Sounds like it needs de-scaling as you don't have enough pressure. There should be steam coming out of the nozzle which heats and froths the milk. Does your book not have a section on troubleshooting. We had this and I had to run white vinegar through the machine to clear out all the gunk. . Now it steams and froths beautifully again.

IlanaK Fri 19-May-06 17:17:35

I can see steam coming out, but perhaps the pressure is not enough. We have had the machine a long time, but never used this attachement so I suppose it is possible it needs descaling. I will look into it. Thanks.

Alipiggie Fri 19-May-06 17:27:00

One full water resevoir with 90% vinegar and let it run through both the coffee part and the cappuccino maker and then 3 resevoirs of clean water. That should help

IlanaK Fri 19-May-06 21:30:46

Thanks for that. I descaled it this evening and the milk is frothing

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