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TRIKE - Triang Baby Driver 3 - worth the cash?

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bunyanvillas Thu 18-May-06 20:59:08

I'm thinking of getting a trike for my 16 month old and the Triang Baby Driver seems to get good reviews - but it's nearly £50!! Do people think it's a good buy? Would it last her a couple of years, do you think? I guess they go on to bikes from 3-ish? (Sorry if that's wrong - first-time mum!) Don't have loads of cash to spare, sadly, but am keen to get something sturdy, safe and practical. Thanks for any advice you can give!

LIZS Thu 18-May-06 21:03:22

Ours has done ds and dd , and is still in really good condition. dd still likes to ride it at 1 1/2 even though she also has a bike.

SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 19:58:55

we've had ours for 18mo now (since DS1 was 2). DS1 never used the straps, was steering immediately and pedalling since 2.5yrs. He's 3.5 now, and more-or-less outgrown it, though still has a go. DS2 (18mo) now using it with straps, pedal and steering lock. It's a bit like a substitute buggy in some ways (strap him in and push him along). I expect DC3 (unborn) to use it till 3 too, making 5 yrs of use, and then prob pass on to playgroup or friend.
It's been good and sturdy - the parent handle failed (we use on v rough ground round here) but was replaced free under warranty. It's in almost daily use on farm tracks, and is in good condition.
we love: parent handle (essential), straps and steering lock (essential under 2), bucket-thing at back (kids love putting their bits in it). we don't use: silly bag to put on parent handle.
Was a bit of a faff to assemble.
I've no idea how cheaper models compare.

Am currently failing to get round to getting DS1 a bike - I'd gues onto bikes + stabilisers at about 3 yrs old.

I'd say was good buy as will last several children therefore many years use. If your DD is expected to be an only, maybe something cheaper would do?

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