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Recommendations needed for cot mobile and take along swing please

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Niddlynono Thu 18-May-06 13:36:04

I've heard really positive things about the Tiny Love cot mobiles and the Fisher Price take-along swings but I can't decide which model to get of each. Naturally I'm drawn to whatever is the most expensive in each range but I'd love to know how good the less expensive ones are to give my bank account a bit of breathing space.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

ComeOVeneer Thu 18-May-06 13:50:53

We had this one . It was an absolute godsend with a colicky baby in the evening to allow us to eat without getting indigestion, ds loved it.

RuthT Sun 21-May-06 20:01:14

I had the same take along swing as ComeOveneer but DD only liked it for about 2 months. The Babybjorn though has lasted a lot longer and doesn't have so many gizmos, but dd loved the teddybears on it.

The best cot mobile is either the blackandwhite one by the childrens project or flashing bells and whistles one by tiny love cotmobile

shazronnie Mon 22-May-06 12:34:15

I had tinylove symphony in motion, but I think i liked it more than the kids! I think, in general a mobile only interests a baby for 10 mins or so at a time.

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