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A confirmation present for a 14 year old boy - ideas please

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sandyballs Thu 18-May-06 10:46:04

This is for a colleague's nephew. Said I would ask Mumsnet and get back to her. She just stared blankly at me . Don't let me down

sandyballs Thu 18-May-06 12:49:47

anyone. pleeeease?

pepperpots Thu 18-May-06 12:55:22

how about this?

KTeePee Thu 18-May-06 13:06:54

Sort of depends on how religious he is (and which religion). If she wants to give him an actual present, maybe a book of prayers aimed at teenagers (if there is such a thing) or cross and chain. Where I come from, money is always acceptable but not everyone would be comfortable with that...

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