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M&P Aria Pushchair .... Any good for toddler ?????

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nutcracker Tue 27-Jan-04 16:19:57

Am watching one on ebay, bids are at 29.00 and there is 50 min left. Post and Packing is 14.00.
Are they any good for toddlers though. Ds is 13mths and this has to be last pushchair. I like the look of them but they don't look very roomy fro toddler, and don't look very stroing either. Any thoughts ????

nutcracker Tue 27-Jan-04 16:23:41

Anyone, quick it will be ending soon

nutcracker Tue 27-Jan-04 16:29:06

I'm thinking that if noones replied then noones got one which isn't a good sign is is

Epigirl Tue 27-Jan-04 16:42:08

I've got one, got 2 year old dd and it's fine. Light to carry.

nutcracker Tue 27-Jan-04 16:44:37

i don't think it's got a raincover with it. are they exspensive ?

Epigirl Tue 27-Jan-04 16:45:36

Got more time now - I like mine, it's very light and easy to maneouvre. I keep it in the car and just use it when in town centres really so it hasn't had punishing use. Now sometimes sue it for dd (2 yr old) sometimes for ds (nearly 5 months) and they both seem fine in it. It's very easy and nice to push round shops. HTH

Epigirl Tue 27-Jan-04 16:48:34

can't remember, I used either
or Babycare Direct
or Babys Mart

I'll have a look now...

Epigirl Tue 27-Jan-04 16:54:07

£19.99 + postage on Babs Mart

To be honest, I never bothered as I just tend to use it around shops and pull the hood down.

I don't know anyone else with one but I noticed that they do go for quite a lot on e-bay so someone must like them!

Epigirl Tue 27-Jan-04 17:00:00

What about this ?

nutcracker Tue 27-Jan-04 17:12:17

Thanx Epigirl. Placed a bid of 30.00 but have just been outbid. Have spotted a mothercare stroller too which noone has bid on yet. Has 4 days to go though, so i'll see what happens. Thanx again for your help

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